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waking from slumber
to see dreams fade in the light
of reality

Haiku - Poetry

Waking The Demon

Waking the demon!
Where’d you run to?
Walking in shadows!
Watch the blood flow!

There’s not much longer, so don’t try and hide,
Your body’s weakening, walk to the light!

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How To Escape Your Nightmares

Hello/ Good.. Morning, to those just waking up! I had a brutal nightmare last night. Even though I m awake now, and just starting my shift at work this morning I can not rid myself of this unnerving feeling. 67 more words


Puggled muddled fugged

So beguines respirate deep

Lush capacious yawns

Turn wishful thinking

Non-imaginary slumber

So Nightdream drops off

As daydream takes over


Our life in the higher worlds

As here we live rhythmically between waking and sleeping, so in the other world life alternates between withdrawal into ourselves and sociable intercourse with other souls. 42 more words


Waking Up.

And then one day,
to my absolutely delightful surprise,
we went back,
to being everything that we were. 
I was, once again,
your very best friend,  122 more words