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unravelling the frozen trails
unwrapping the misty shreds of cold
that weigh down our limbs
and our souls

gradually waking
from the heavy sleep of winter… 28 more words

My Poetry

Good Morning

You’re on your side, twitching lightly in your sleep. I’ve woken to the warmth of your body, its softness against my skin.

I want to let you sleep, but your little movements against me are stroking your skin against my cock, and your breathing has satisfied little moans in it, so I’m going to wake you. 400 more words


Waking Up With Trauma Shock

Greetings fellow PTSD sufferers, is there a technical term for not having consistent sleep, but constantly waking up early with fear, anxiety and shock of your trauma? 74 more words

Waking Up

I am dreaming of a new beginning
My process is soon ending
Bringing new blessings
I have only seen in my sleep
Oh what a relief! 129 more words


morning air

i woke up at 12 feeling suffocated and blurry, and gross, remembering when I was camping and I woke up at 8 feeling crisp and refreshed and ecstatic. 10 more words

last words

Here’s hoping our last words’ll be loud enough to wake the dead.



What a lovely thing.
What a terrible thing.
I truly think that there is a “right” and a “wrong” side of the bed.
Any morning has the potential to be a terrible morning or a lovely morning. 50 more words