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Haiku - (3/26/2015)

Green, brown, red, yellow:

Spinning earth; delicate dance–

Such intricate fringe!


Haiku - (3/24/2015)

The sound of crickets!

How lonely silence can seem,

Without that chirp, chirp!


Tips to Waking Up in the Morning

There is no best part to waking up in the mornings and especially a Monday morning! But you have work, school, meeting, perhaps an errand? As much as you wish you can sleep all day, it is time to rise, shine, and get your day started. 204 more words

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Wake up! The Sun's not sleeping!

I love sleep.

It’s relaxing and rejuvenating and just plain ole awesome!

This morning I was all comphy and warm and snuggled up with my pillows enjoying such an amazing dream. 136 more words

Lil Kiddies Stories

Passing Notes: Stagnation, Practice, & the Everyday Life

Have you ever felt like things were just moving along naturally? That you were the flowing stream? Then, suddenly, it all just stops.


How does stagnation start? 372 more words