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those he can't bear goodbye (everyone)

the sun falls
below vision line—
the pink spots
you get behind
those lids you close.
telling goodnight to this day—
remains a glimpse inside… 169 more words

Day 9: The Waiting Game

Well, I definitely didn’t fulfill my promise of writing every day over the course of ten days. But, does anyone actually care? Doubt it.

The truth is, life gets busy and we all have to prioritize. 193 more words


Meet Up

He was late. Not by much, just a few minutes, but she was early and so had been sitting waiting for fifteen minutes already. Plenty of time to think, to speculate on why she was there. 39 more words

Flash Fiction

Waiting is all I do

I think I have lost track of how many times I have been waiting for something to happen. This has made me a little more patient but I still struggle. 235 more words



Your voice ripples across my mind

Like a drop of antidote for a loss in time

You cool my head, for I ache to cry… 42 more words

Metaphors: Part 4

A man lays in shock on the shore of a popular beach in the Pacific. His leg, bloody and exposed, twitches as paramedics tend to him. 171 more words


Deadly. The mind wanders to the deepest, darkest corners of your mind trying to rationalize the absence of the one thing you need but can’t have. 216 more words