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Running Away From You

Wrapped by madness

Caused by sadness

Depression is my only friend

It’s like god-send

Crying like its raining

Waiting like I’m dying

Running away from dying pain… 18 more words


Why did God Sit Me on the Shelf: by Dr. Julie Barrier (repost from crosswalk.com)

So, this has been my question for awhile.   Just randomly found this article on crosswalk.com tonight.  I don’t like the shelf to be honest.   It’s boring, it’s frustrating for me.   837 more words


Engagement Story and Photos

So tonight in honor of “Marriage Mondays”, I am going to be talking a little about my engagement story. I realize I am pretty late and it is almost Tuesday but, hey, I am still going to be faithful to Monday :) 654 more words


Paused for spiritual growth

The difference between nothingness and stillness
Between waiting and patience
Between desire and love…

Nah I wasn’t going to say anything profound,
I’m still learning.

Time and a Place

Well, it looks like it may have to be bedtime. I’m still too pumped to sleep though. After banning myself from listening to any sad love songs, throughout this whole ‘breakup’/whatever the fuck you’d call it process, I had a bunch o fun belting it out today, wish I’d have thought of it earlier- I’d like to thank my good friends Celine, Mariah, Whitney, and hairbrush for reminding me of my diva prowess. 271 more words

My square inch

I’m still pondering Brené Brown’s inspirational talk last week. I liked her suggestion that we each draw a one-inch square–that’s 6.4516 square centimetres–and write in it the names of people whose opinions matter to us. 604 more words