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Government Content To Bully

We have all, no doubt, heard the phrase, “too much of a good thing.” I suppose William Shakespeare is likely the first person to have ever used such a phrase. 873 more words


That guy who didn't know how twins work ...

That’s not how .. But that’s … No.
No I don’t. Keep looking dude.


Online Dating

Wait! What? 2/27: Snapchat’s musical venture, Re/code’s high-profile interview, and … Nihilist Arby’s

Wait, what happened in tech media this week? For one, the FCC decided it will regulate broadband Internet as a public utility. But let’s skip the big picture stuff and dive into some random, less momentous stories: 175 more words


Let’s Talk Liberty

As a prelude to detailed restrictions on liberty and freedom, the Authors of the Declaration of Independence framed it thus: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations… 731 more words


Wait! What? 2/20: Siri’s new relative, Netflix dating and Lenovo’s Superfish-y behavior

Happy Friday! It’s been a week of highs (Gung hay fat choy!), lows (Fifty Shades of Lame…er…Grey), and mediums (meh…other stuff). Before you get to work on your BDSM/Chinese New Year-themed Oscar party, get the run-down on our favorite tech news from the week: 274 more words


Societal Coarseness

I don’t know if there is necessarily an increase in rude, crass, or even violent behavior in our society today, however, given the instantaneous nature of… 922 more words


Wait? What! 2/13: Happy Valentine’s, Galentine’s and/or “Blood-soaked Conspiracy”

Whether you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or just boycotting the occasion entirely, we’ve collected the best news for you to digest along with all of those sugar heart candies and chocolates. 224 more words