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Week 1 and Waffling

I’ll give a recap of my classes from week 1 of the term:

Algorithms:  Oh boy!  This class is discrete math but more!!!  Proofs everywhere and induction is already making me feel dizzy.   228 more words

Thoughts, Musings, Tales, Sagas...Ramblings?

So I’ll be taking a break from the world wide web for a little while. I think social media in its various forms, whether it be this blog, or Twitter, or Instagram…these means of communication provide great insights into someone’s life. 276 more words


My life changed for the better

1 year and almost 5 months ago my life changed, the mister and I became an item, starting a relationship with the mister has to one of the best decisions of my life, and hopefully the mister agrees. 374 more words


Back to basics

Today at 8.15am, I picked up a friend and drove her to the hospital so she could have an MRI. She took a sedative, so couldn’t drive herself. 153 more words


killing time with a quiz

So I’m in bed feeling sorry for myself, thought I was getting better and now my glands have swollen (not fun) hopefully this will all go away by tomorrow. 324 more words


my thoughts

So I’m feeling a tiny but better, my chicken stew last night has helped. Hopefully will be completely free from this cold by tomorrow so I can have a lovely day with the mister. 120 more words


On Writing (for you).

(Special special day – officially a .com website! woo!)

Wednesday thoughts: I was surprised (and touched) when I was told my posts were… 535 more words