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February's Marathon (& lots of photos)

I ran 27 miles today.  Which is slightly silly considering I have a 44 mile ultra in a week.  But there were 2 very important reasons, and they are these: 694 more words


I Don't Get the 3 Day Rule Part 2

(Read Part 1 here )

I’m feeling sick as I lie in bed typing this.

Today was a very odd day; one of those days where you hover between being in a lethargic state to being a fully conscious human being. 770 more words


2 am boredom

Once again I found my self wide awake at 2 am, with not much to do I turned to the internet. How often do you find yourself staring at the same pages day in day out hoping for something new, something interesting. 243 more words


Waffling Around

I have come to the conclusion that there is one super cool thing about growing up. And while there may only be one thing that’s cool about the whole process- I can tell you this… IT’S REALLY COOL. 203 more words

Bitter Indecisiveness

Choose something for goodness sake!  Chicken or fish! I don’t know…fish is so terrible and chicken is really good, perhaps I’ll go with…I just don’t know! 296 more words


Why I (mostly) did not enjoy high school

High school. The dark time of our lives; a time where we’re suppose to “find” ourselves; a time where we’re battling with the cruelty of puberty, awkward fashion statements, and lack of sleep. 2,017 more words


Waffling Respect A haibun 1.14

Waffling Respect A haibun 1.14


Waffling Respect

Always having to be right – might just have a few drawbacks.
Or at least laughs behind your back. 265 more words