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My life changed for the better

1 year and almost 5 months ago my life changed, the mister and I became an item, starting a relationship with the mister has to one of the best decisions of my life, and hopefully the mister agrees. 374 more words


Back to basics

Today at 8.15am, I picked up a friend and drove her to the hospital so she could have an MRI. She took a sedative, so couldn’t drive herself. 153 more words


killing time with a quiz

So I’m in bed feeling sorry for myself, thought I was getting better and now my glands have swollen (not fun) hopefully this will all go away by tomorrow. 324 more words


my thoughts

So I’m feeling a tiny but better, my chicken stew last night has helped. Hopefully will be completely free from this cold by tomorrow so I can have a lovely day with the mister. 120 more words


On Writing (for you).

(Special special day – officially a .com website! woo!)

Wednesday thoughts: I was surprised (and touched) when I was told my posts were… 535 more words


February's Marathon (& lots of photos)

I ran 27 miles today.  Which is slightly silly considering I have a 44 mile ultra in a week.  But there were 2 very important reasons, and they are these: 694 more words


2 am boredom

Once again I found my self wide awake at 2 am, with not much to do I turned to the internet. How often do you find yourself staring at the same pages day in day out hoping for something new, something interesting. 243 more words