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I thought I'd seen the last of me.

I thought that perhaps I had already failed at keeping-up with my blog posts, but thank someone (or not) for sleepless nights and weary thoughts. Hopefully, it won’t be shy of a week’s gap between all of my posts, and I have genuinely wanted to update this on several occasions over the past week. 445 more words


"To waffle" - British slang

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Probably you knew already the common meaning of “waffle” in British and American English. If you didn’t … this is a “waffle”: 145 more words

Idioms And Slang

Roar or Whimper

It never rains it pours or so they say, and never has this been more true. I have been waiting for and looking forward to starting a Mindfulness course and today I was informed that due to unforeseen circumstances this course that was due to start Friday has been postponed indefinitely. 457 more words


Using spoons beating myself

I’ve been quiet on here for my longest period since first learning/starting to blog, and frustratingly it’s been a period where I’ve really needed to as I’ve been in so much pain I’ve been climbing the walls! 790 more words


My PSA for my Young Millenials

Hi, my name is Genna and I’m a millennial.

Hiiii Genna.

I here the term “millennial” and I automatically shudder internally. This reflex is a small throwback to high school me who was desperately trying to shun anything that had the word “pop” or “culture” in it. 934 more words

Pursuit Of Happiness

Week 1 and Waffling

I’ll give a recap of my classes from week 1 of the term:

Algorithms:  Oh boy!  This class is discrete math but more!!!  Proofs everywhere and induction is already making me feel dizzy.   228 more words

Thoughts, Musings, Tales, Sagas...Ramblings?

So I’ll be taking a break from the world wide web for a little while. I think social media in its various forms, whether it be this blog, or Twitter, or Instagram…these means of communication provide great insights into someone’s life. 276 more words