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My Eyes

Do my eyes deceive me or is there ahead

A place to have dwelling, to lay my bed

A time of rest and a shelter of tree… 145 more words

W.A. Fulkerson


When you are a young adult, (as many of you have been, and many of you are) people are fond of asking you about your plans. 870 more words

W.A. Fulkerson

Life is a Movie

Life is a movie.

I know what you’re thinking- it isn’t at all like that. We dream up scenarios where the prince always rides up on a white horse, or if you’re the prince you save the stunning damsel, and there’s a bad guy, of course, but he’s simple even if he’s smart. 783 more words

W.A. Fulkerson


Do you love me enough to hurt me?
I don’t mean in a sick way
And I don’t mean for no reason
I want to know if you’ll rip the band-aid off my skin… 195 more words

W.A. Fulkerson

Heat Wave

It’s September in Southern California, and that inevitably means a heat wave. The air conditioner blasts here in my upper room essentially all day while the fan struggles to keep up. 1,139 more words

W.A. Fulkerson

An Odd Encounter

“One at a time, one at a time.”

Gabriel beat his drum as he spoke, thumping a musical pace for those who passed by. There was a lively chatter of excitement as everyone shuffled forward, feeling the mounting tension of a deep breath before a plunge. 2,278 more words

W.A. Fulkerson

To Swim

I took a walk along the sea by night

Waves invited me as they crashed and roared

Inviting me into the cool waters

I felt and sensed the spray upon my face… 90 more words

W.A. Fulkerson