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searching for myself

This poem came to mind yesterday.
First published 10 Feb 2015, it captures the vulnerability of a lonely soul.
Lost and looking for relief in all the wrong places. 63 more words

Spiritual Formation

walk away

Leave me alone
let me be
let me shift back into
don’t eyeball me
with your closed eyes
and your stained heart
leave me be… 116 more words


Will you be my valentine?

if I lay down my head

and close my eyes

maybe I won’t have to do this

maybe I won’t have to go through with it… 113 more words


It Really Is Me

Can we all, please, get a little perspective? Preferably one that isn’t entirely our own, maybe something nicely rounded, with a dash of different for good measure? 698 more words

Mental Health

Clown Shoes

These clown shoes

 keep tripping me

Can I take them off now?

I can’t stand to be

 so clumsy

These clown shoes

keep tripping

me… 45 more words


Live your life

I have carried something around for years and had no idea the burden it caused me. Strained my relationships, caused me severe stress and anxiety, ruined my body, tortured my mind. 356 more words


IV tube

i’m still draining
and i bled for so long
but i think it’s finally gone
I think it’s finally done now
so just strap me up… 216 more words