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let me call you brother: on men and women and friendship (part 1)

For most of my growing-up life, I (1) shrank back from friendships with boys around me and (2) thought that doing so was virtuous.

In reality, it was mostly fear. 499 more words


Shame and Academics (Shamefessional #4)

As many readers may already know, I’ve been doing a journalistic approach (previous Shamefessionals here) to my discovery of shame, fear, and vulnerability.  For those who may not be reading along with the series, we are defining shame based off the… 1,283 more words


Sit By the River or Engage

“If you sit by the river long enough you can watch the bodies of your enemies float by.”  – The Art of War

This is an expression, that comes from the Art of War is offered often by my good friend and partner  762 more words

Journey To Openheartedness


we live so close to our skin
who are taught to see ourselves
from the outside-in
through the imagined eyes
of the critical political… 42 more words


10,000 Tears

Excerpt from ‘Vulnerability’ a work in progress.


On Adoption

Motherhood comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes wanted, sometimes a surprise, other times granted after years of longing. It may include the entire experience of carrying a child to term, as though giving birth is an act of initiation into the ranks of womanhood, or it may be the nurturing and raising of a child, and instilling the ground rules and morals that will guide a child throughout his or her entire life. 170 more words

'To know and be known' - a brief overview

‘To know and be known’ – that to me is the essence of life.

Here are some basic conclusions I’ve come to:

To be loved, is to be known; to be noticed, to be heard, embraced and accepted for who we are right there in the present moment. 304 more words