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New all in one controller for the ESX!

With Beta testing well underway with the modular ESX VSTs, we’ve combined some of the best functionality into an all purpose controller with the following features: 81 more words


Should you transform RNA-seq data: Log, VST, voom?

When I am analysing RNA-seq data, there are two RNA-seq specific properties that I always keep in mind:

  1. The presence of extreme values
  2. The mean-variance dependency (also known as heteroscedasticity) …
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A video demo of the beta versions of the ESXy Beast and ESXy Pitch controlling the Korg ESX.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the functionality of 2 of the forthcoming controllers for the Korg ESX1. These 2 VST plugins provide amazing realtime control of parameters not normally accessible to MIDI control, allowing new ways to use the machine. 72 more words


Free plugins!!!

Who doesn’t need more plugins? Right?!

Nah we all no that to much can be a bad thing as it’s easy to get lost playing with plugins than making music, but for those new to production finding GOOD free plugins can be a pain. 19 more words

Music Production

File Saving

When saving files I often employ this method, name of the file plus the date for each day I open the project to do some work. 93 more words

Studio Post


If you wish to improve & take your sound/skill to the next level, start by not using presets.  What I mean is if you select a preset don’t just use it as is.   43 more words

Studio Post

Reflex Free (STW Audio) 32bit

CPU Usage: 0.1 to 0.12% aprox.

Amazing for pads, delay/reverb/room simulator.