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Week roundup

Last week recap and links:

Visual Studio Debugger Visualizers for Kinect v2

During my first development tests with Kinect, I often wanted to view the frames received from the device in an image format. Microsoft Kinect V2 SDK provides Kinect Studio, which allows me to display, record, playback and debug through breakpoint the data received from the device, simplifying the development process. 255 more words


Visual Studio 2013 - Clean Solution

I recently upgraded a project from Visual Studio 2010 / .NET4.0 to Visual Studio 2013 (update 4) / .NET 4.5.
Code that was working for weeks, didn’t work anymore (exceptions in Caliburn.Micro). 447 more words


Visual Studio Lost Toolbox

Every once in a while I lose my toolbox. I am the king of copy and past, saving scriplets and reusing the template of a code piece so I do not have to remember or need to retype stuff I use over and over again. 137 more words


How to use Visual Studio debugging JavaScript code

Recently using angularjs quite offen, I know there are a lot tutorial tell you how to use browse to debugging the javascript. But I am .net developer, I really like to use VS studio to do the debugging isn’t that will be more easy. 72 more words


Paste XML as Classes Missing In Visual Studio

Just wanted to pass along a quick tip for working with the Paste Special features in Visual Studio.  You may be aware that Visual Studio has options for generating classes based on XML and JSON under the… 127 more words


Building Qt-5.3.2 on Windows with VS2013 so that it works on WinXP+

Since VS requires all C++ libraries to be compiled with the same version, this is a complicated one. To get everything out of Qt, we need to compile openssl and icu ourselves, all with the WinXP SDK. 482 more words