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What to expect in Language Level 3.0

Dear students,

Welcome to VRGD!  Wondering about what to expect in French 3, Spanish 3, German 3 or Mandarin 3?  Here is a video explanation: 42 more words

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VRG Djursholm tilldelas kvalitetspris/VRG Djursholm is awarded Danderyd's Quality Award

VRG Djursholm har tilldelats Kvalitetsutmärkelse 2015 av Barn- och utbildningsnämnden vid Danderyds kommun!

Skolans målmedvetna och strukturerade arbete med att utveckla metoder för att, enligt läroplanens mål, öka elevernas inflytande på undervisningsmetoder och innehåll har gett resultat. 20 more words

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Graduation 2015 - Good Luck finding "the balance"!

On a glorious morning graduates and staff gathered to begin the celebration of 12 successful years of school for 184 graduates from VRG Djursholm. We started with a lovely breakfast provided by our Parents Association; followed by class photos and  group photo; a music and speech filled lunch; a meaningful final ceremony and, then the big moment, “utspring”. 115 more words

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Memories from End-of-Term Ceremony, VT2015

Welcomed by the summer sounds of our dedicated choir,

we started our last day of the 2014-15 school year early.

At VRGD, end-of-term is a time for reflection, appreciation and celebration.   83 more words

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Creative "MyStyle" projects are a great way to end the year ...

In a joint assignment from their Communications course and English 6, students in year 1 each chose a “MyStyle” project to exhibit their skills.  By choosing a topic that was especially important to them, students were able to really invest in their topic.   64 more words

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Art and Science do go hand-in-hand in Physics

When students are asked to “illustrate” an idea through video –  they must first understand, then plan how to explain and then execute in a dynamic form of storytelling.   97 more words

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Students love learning in the great outdoors ...

Year 1 natural science students visited Tyresta National Park last week.

During their visit, they participated in a guided tour and studied various habitats.


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