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Reason to skip this blog is… because this is my second post today and you read the first.

Two posts in a day!?! What’s going on you ask!? 77 more words


Farnham school funding

This video piece was a vox pop on the local residents of farnham asking why they thought the school got an increase of funding and their general opinion on the matter, this was a small piece for a news-day.


Vox Pop- Youth of Birmingham

It comes as no surprise to me that Birmingham is one of the youngest cities in Europe. In fact 40% of the population is under 25. 254 more words

Places And People

on luck

what warrants a ‘good human being’ has become incredibly warped in our society.

there are people who live, and people who can only just afford to exist (if that). 111 more words



good/relevant articles:

http://roarmag.org/2015/02/london-middle-class-culture-poverty/ <on the middle classes appropriating working class culture (this is the good AND relevant one)

https://www.adbusters.org/magazine/79/hipster.html <this one is just relevant

I think we’re post teenage. 314 more words



binding fingers in the greasy slick parcel tape of trying to do right



fixing life

incremental; in order to fix something you have to understand it, so no wonder nothing works.

“fixing” is unlikely in our current climate because to fix something, you first have to admit that it’s broken. 87 more words