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good/relevant articles:

http://roarmag.org/2015/02/london-middle-class-culture-poverty/ <on the middle classes appropriating working class culture (this is the good AND relevant one)

https://www.adbusters.org/magazine/79/hipster.html <this one is just relevant

I think we’re post teenage. 314 more words



binding fingers in the greasy slick parcel tape of trying to do right



fixing life

incremental; in order to fix something you have to understand it, so no wonder nothing works.

“fixing” is unlikely in our current climate because to fix something, you first have to admit that it’s broken. 87 more words


'Ik probeer me zo warm mogelijk te houden met mijn medestudenten'

Vrijdag 13 februari is Dikketruiendag. Dat betekent dat de verwarming een tikkeltje lager moet. Maar weten de studenten aan de Thomas More Hogeschool in Mechelen dat ook? 26 more words


Ghanaian football fan on watching the African Cup of Nations in Wales

Football is Ghana’s national sport, and the Africa Cup of Nations is celebrated everywhere in the country. But how does it feel for a Ghanaian to follow the championship in Wales? 292 more words



Productie: Lars van Buuren
Productie/geluid: Joeri Hackmann
Productie/camera/montage: Lauri van Bodegraven

Wales is ready for the Six Nations

As the first match is Wales versus England, we thought we’d go around and ask a couple of rugby fans what they are excited about – and what seems to be the chance of Wales winning this year. 352 more words