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Voodoo Love Song, Chapter 8 (vii)

Upon leaving the hounfour, Huey wandered aimlessly among the wild vegetation that surrounded Claude’s gardens, preferring, for the moment, it’s disorder, since it mirrored the state of her mind. 646 more words


"If he were still here, I'd be mad."

Five hours in Portland and I’ve already overdone my coffee intake, panic-ordered the wrong sandwich, and had one Oreo-covered VooDoo donut.

My heart hurts and my stomach aches and I feel like all the things I’ve been avoiding have suddenly caught up to me, and I am in no space to deal with them. 328 more words


Why & How Africans Embrace Christianity

Invasion Through Conversion

“A striking example of how Christianity destroys a proud culture, by introducing “doubt”. The Christian body is imperfect, we are “sinners”. These beautiful people learn for the first time, that their behavior is a “sin”.

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February 27, 2015: Hoochie Coochie and Mojo Bags

The man watches me from under the brim of his hat.
Dark eyes, shining in shadow.

I could tell right away you be a son of a gun.

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Strange News

Goddess Oshun: Queen of Love & Glorious Queen of Witchcraft

As I began my journey from male centered Christianity to the Goddess, and then subsequently to Wicca and then the craft; I decided that I would not craft spells until I knew for sure why herbs were magick. 1,983 more words


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kolchak the night Stalker - The Zombie


The Zombie was aired on ABC on September 20 1974. It was the second episode aired. Momalois’s son gets killed by the mob and she decides to use her voodoo to raise him from the dead to get revenge on those people responsible for his death. 257 more words

Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Voodoo Love Song, Chapter 8 (vi)

“Potions? What kind of potions?”

“Magic potions. Eye of toad, skin of lizard, pulverized bones and such things.”

“What do they do?”

They amuse people – make them think they can confound their enemies or become omnipotent or sexually revitalized.” 632 more words