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Confessions of a Socially Awkward, Introverted Misanthrope (and how to deal with me)

I often get asked if I’m in a bad mood. No. I feel fine. It’s just…

My job requires that I listen to and help others, but part of the problem is… 283 more words

Reflections & Rants

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: The Travelogue 5/21/15

…yep, he who must not be named totally showed up.

At least I had a healer in my party for this random boss battle.  Can those even happen?  33 more words


Judas, Easter life, and your place here

7th Sunday of Easter (17May15)

John17:6-19; Acts1:15-26; 1John5:9-13

Near the end of this Easter season of resurrection life and new beginnings, we drag back into the midst death and destruction and tragic endings. 1,591 more words

Partying with He Who Must Not Be Named (and cat shit)

So last weekend I rebuffed a dance invitation from an ex-corrie star.   Last night I peed next to Voldemort* and made potions with Professor Snape.    Another true story. 346 more words

The Amazing Hollander | 2.1. I Hate Jim

Louise: Welcome back to the magical Hollander legacy, which is only magical because Kristy is a magician and currently slightly better at not ballsing up her tricks. 1,207 more words

Leslie Hollander

The Amazing Hollander | 2.0. The Mysterious Prankster

Louise: Welcome, welcome back to the Hollander residence. Voting time is over which means that it’s all about Kristy’s face instead of Leslie’s. I’m going to miss Leslie’s face. 955 more words

Leslie Hollander