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Social Media Etiquette...ooops!

Fellow followers I need your advice or comments on this one since I’m a ‘social media’ idiot!!!

I’ve been wrestling with this one for almost a year and of course my attitude is usually “whatever”, “life goes on”, “there’s more important/tragic events happening in the world for me to give a  rat’s ass about this sh%$#”, or “life is good…drink wine!” but here goes: 406 more words

Random Writing

Guest Blog | Why I’ve Never Liked Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon and ubiquitous reading material among millenials. It’s easy to see why – the books are escapist, fun, and relatable. So sometimes I feel very alone when I make the startling confession: I really don’t like Harry Potter at all. 557 more words

Guest Blog

PODCAST: Rated J #18 - Hated Jaded: Go Side-Chick Yourself!

Rated J: The Podcast

18. Hated Jaded: Go Side-chick yourself

Jaded rants on the Aftermath of his “trial” and tells ladies how to avoid becoming a “Voldemort” 14 more words


The Anti-Social Mod 7

I’ve found myself very interested in personality disorders so I decided to do few more weeks based on the different ones. (Mainly to get to talk about all of the Harry Potter characters!) I don’t think I have mentioned this before in any of my blogs but in case you didn’t know,  personality disorders are divided into three clusters. 755 more words


Cancer, Voldemort, and what you can do about them.

Cancer is to the world as Voldemort is to witches and wizards.

Cancer took my dad a few years ago. It had a hand in ripping apart my family. 297 more words


...and i thought "this would make a great blog"

Hello world!

If you’ve come across this blog, I think you’ll understand where I’m going with this. I go on dates. I write about them. Hopefully you laugh/cry/feel sorry for me. 203 more words


PODCAST: Rated J #17 - Jaded on Trial: Free cookies and a mind spent outta pocket

Rated J: The Podcast

17. Jaded on Trial: Free cookies and a mind spent outta pocket

In this extra special episode of Blossom, Jaded puts himself on trial because he was accused of being a bad boy by the notorious “Voldemort” (See Ep. 26 more words