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A very popular word this time of year. Mulching can do many things. I helps maintain  temperature and moisture. Keeps down weeds, controls insects, prevents soil compaction and provides nutrients as it decomposes. 322 more words

How to find Hell on Earth

Dear Reader,

I’m going to tell you how to find Hell on Earth, so please go and locate yourself in Italy in a town called Cumae, close to Naples. 923 more words


Volcano Watch and Educational Resources

Interested in volcanoes? The staff at the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals are fascinated not only by volcanoes but the geology of them as well. 870 more words


A Thousand Mile Stretch Of The Pacific Ocean Has Heated Up Several Degrees And Scientists Don't Know Why

According to two University of Washington scientific research papers that were recently released, a 1,000 mile stretch of the Pacific Ocean has warmed up by several degrees, and nobody seems to know why this is happening.  986 more words

Earth Changes

Why do some volcanoes erupt after being dormant?

This question was asked by Nikolas from Alexandroupoli, Greece.

The surface of our planet isn’t solid; enormous plates of land float on top of molten rock, like biscuits floating on honey. 409 more words

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Paper Topo Models with Vector Cutter

If there’s a science fair coming up, this trumps just about any 2D poster. It’s a 3D topographical map of an inactive Slovakian volcano, Poľana. came up an easy way to… 205 more words

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