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After Ellen Pao, Now What?

Anyone who has followed the Ellen Pao knows the data: The decline of women investors in venture from 10 percent to 6 percent; the 77 percent of venture firms who have never had a women partner; the 11 percent of tech board seats held by women, while that number hovers at 20 percent for Fortune 500 companies. 761 more words


The bizarre ways Democrat and Republican eating habits differ

The differences between Democrats and Republicans span further than just political ideology according to a recent poll conducted by PublicPollingPolicy.com.

The red and blue party members eat different foods and dine at different restaurants. 527 more words


Voices in the Dark?

Do you remember when we heard voices and were intrigued, inspired? Or when darkness held magic, mystery? The darkness is empty now, desolate, and the voices tell us unspeakable true things about ourselves.

Ticking bomb.

Tick Tick Boom

Verse 1
Theres a clock ticking no one knows when it will strike
It’ll emplode explode destroy everyone this bomb is ready to blow… 310 more words


German disco

Certe canzoni non le posso più sentire, nemmeno per profanarle.



Mind of Their Own

Here’s a great blog post about allowing your characters to make their own decisions. I think it is vital to do so, especially in the discovery stage – the first draft. 47 more words