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When I saw him standing outside of Barbican Station, I was thankful that he wasn’t as pretty has his picture had made him look.

I was thankful. 413 more words

Love Life London

Scared to death under their intimidation tactics, and I guess feeling poetic too!

Wow, how scary it is to be up here on this ledge at the exact moment that I plunge into the unknown, hoping that because I have right and truth on my side that I have nothing to fear, and that at the end of this very scary free fall, where the future is dark and hard to make out due to these unfair practices, and where I gamble it all on faith that good eventually prevails, and that therefore, I will find a net there, a net of good people also standing up with us to lend their strength in shear numbers, to raise our voice until it is heard from this small town in Asheville, NC, throughout the State of North Carolina and to the Federal Government, if need be, to get involved and stop this rampage corruption, or this out of control attorney, and or firm whether non-profit or not. 151 more words


Communicating Choices: 5 teenagers, 12 sessions and lots of non-verbal ways of talking.

Communication, it’s big, we do it all the time, everyday. It links our worlds together and gradually over time we learn to understand and to find ways to be understood. 322 more words

Writing what is inside me, instead of out

There isn’t a day that goes by now, where I don’t know I am meant to write. I know from the depth of me there is a voice inside me wanting to spring forth like a geyser, but for now it is only trickling. 138 more words


Cubic Volumes - a poem

Cubic Volumes

His breath is held together by boxes –

hushed shut stacks of closed lids stream

on conveyor belts of respiration,

cycling secrets as he dreams - 117 more words


Your Voice & Your Story are too Powerful to go Unheard

Event title: Women, Wealth & Wine

Your past is simply a road map to your purpose in life. What is your story?

Do you want to grow your business? 19 more words