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Daily haiku:

Vodka –

Beast in a bottle/

Transforms and obliterates/

Better stay away


Obsequious Maitre d 's, faded grandeur of a by-gone era

Coveted & prized beverages, ready or nearly ready for the table ~

Take Cockburn’s low yielding port, which requires a certain type of wood in which to age gracefully. 230 more words

St. George Green Chile Vodka = Perfection

One thing I’ve been looking forward to since moving to my new house way out in the boonies has been our backyard: planting a garden and enjoying outdoor meals. 236 more words


Rượu HANOI OLD VODKA - Men Say Hồn Việt

Rượu được nấu từ tinh dầu gạo và nguồn nước ngọt được lấy từ dãy núi Ba Vì trải qua quy trình hoàn hảo trong suốt thời gian là 30 ngày,bao gồm nhiều công đoạn: sàng lọc, chưng cất, phân loại… Sau mỗi quy trình rượu được ” tăng tuổi” và “thư giãn” trước khi đến người tiêu dùng. 488 more words


Bottom's up!

What do you do when life hands you orange juice? Make Vodka Creamsicles, of course!

Son1 got a hold of some tasty freshly squeezed orange juice, and I just happened to have a bottle of whipped cream flavored vodka in the freezer…you know the rest.

A Night at the (Sex)-Opera - Truth, Tears & Dating #3

No more email flirting, I thought to myself after my experience with totally misinterpreting the meaning of male email content, and after eating pizza with a shoulder-patting buddy, that never realized I had tits… 471 more words