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Fun Fridays: Different context, different meanings

You know how there are two sides to a coin?
Well, this article by Arianna Rebeloni took a lighthearted take on how some words have different meanings to different people in different context, in her case as a server. 36 more words


Throwback Thursday!

It absolutely amazes me how fast Brendan and Ryan are growing up!!!

I decided to do a “Throwback Thursday” post and was blown away by how much they have changed over the past three years! 162 more words

Reading Skills

Today we’ve been thinking about how we can develop and improve our reading skills.

We worked in pairs and read to one another.

Then we acted as a critical friend. 107 more words


"Untranslatable Spanish Concepts"

Once again the internet is a source of frustrating linguistic nonsense. On this occasion it is the origin of that frustration that intensifies the awkwardness of the situation. 686 more words

Is selcouthy the right word?

I’ve recently started to use my personal facebook page more often, and when I first when on I remembered how I used to post pictures of my drawings. 164 more words

poems by Shelley, Keats, and Wordsworth

The three poems we’re reading for today are by a few of the poets commonly referred to as the English Romantics. ¬†Romanticism was a philosophical and artistic movement of the early 19th century (1800s), and it had very little to do with what we normally think of when we hear the word “Romantic.” ¬†Based on your reading of these poems, what do you think are some of the main themes of Romanticism? ¬† 278 more words


Redneck Word of the Day

Word: Urine

Def: Opposite of being out.

Ex: Gimme five bucks and urine!