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Re: re-

Who could pass up a title like today’s? The re before the colon means ‘with regard to, in the matter of,’ and it introduces the subject of today’s post, which is the unrelated prefix… 320 more words

Spanish Language

Vocabulary-Take care a baby

1. Want a baby: Muốn có em bé

2. Be expecting a baby: mang thai

3. Give birth to a child : Sinh con

4. Be entitled to maternity : Nghĩ sinh… 109 more words


Vocabulary- light pollution

1. Disrupt (v) /dɪsˈrʌpt/ phá vỡ
2. Artificial (adj) /ɑːtɪˈfɪʃ(ə)l/ nhân tạo
3. Glow (n) /ɡləʊ/ ánh sáng rực rỡ
4. Spillover (n) /ˈspɪləʊvə/ sự lan tỏa… 165 more words


Vocabulary-Internet cable ruptures

-Ruptures:/’rʌptʃə/: gián đoạn, đứt

Vietnam’s infamous undersea Internet cable ruptures again.

-Remain/ri’mein/: Đỗ thừa

-Sketchy/’sketʃi/: Chung chung, đại cương

Details of where the break occurred have remained sketchy. 91 more words


Developmental Reading Tasks - 18 months +

“No” is a word your child can communicate by 18 months… and that usually includes him shaking his head! He can point to show something that he wants and likely says several words. 668 more words

Language Development

The abuses of 'literally,' and how nice thoughts can help.

Normally, I am more of a descriptive linguist than a prescriptive one. Language, after all, is a living dynamic thing that is constantly in use and being changed by its speakers. 565 more words


We are Chefs

If you want to know more about food, read our recipe book by 6A students.