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English Proficiency Tests

Why do English language learners (ELL) need to sit for one of these tests?
What is the point?
What do you get from it? 298 more words

Saturday Synopsis

The fubsy feline curled in a spot of sun to nap.

Congressman Lamely gave another esoteric speech, ingratiating himself with campaign donors.

My wife’s complex, intricate recipe… 38 more words


Ο ύπνος ~ Τhe sleep (vocabulary + text)


verbs and phrases
πάω για ύπνο = to go for sleep
παίρνω έναν υπνάκο = to take a nap
κοιμάμαι βαριά = to sleep heavily… 48 more words

Χωρίς κατηγορία

Affect vs. Effect

Have you ever wondered when to use which word? Don’t feel bad – native speakers can’t figure it out half the time.

Simply put, a… 122 more words

Affect Vs. Effect

Early Exposure To English Helps Spanish Children. Part 2 of 2

Early Exposure To English Helps Spanish Children – Part 2 of 2

And “It is top-level for parents with limited English proficiency to continue speaking their native languages with children and to look for situations where they, other relatives, neighbors and children’s playmates can expose children to English so that they can have some affability with English before entering preschool,” Palermo suggested. 130 more words