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These ex words are giving me fits

In doing my drills I keep seeing a set of words starting with ‘ex’ that I have trouble distinguishing. At least is somewhat familiar but even there, especially with its derivatives I have trouble distinguishing. 804 more words


Свет Не Без Добрых Людей (ни Поговорка) There Are Still Good People (and Sayings) in the World!

The more I study Russian and learn the idiomatic expressions and proverbs, the more difficult it becomes for me to find an exact English equivalent. Sure we have similarities for most of the expressions (and a direct translation is by no means hard to find), but capturing the essence of even the simplest phrase or expression seems increasingly impossible. 327 more words


Does Color Exist Without Language?

No, this is not a post about #TheDress, but if you would have asked someone who lived a thousand years ago, they would have been firmly in the white and gold camp  530 more words


Kitchen Objects

Hey guys,

What about some new words? It is really important to know your way around a kitchen. Knowing a few words such as spoon, fork, pepper mill, blender, etc is a basic list everyone should know at the tip of the tongue ;) Take a look at the image below and then check a nice crossword puzzle exercise to practice the new words. 41 more words



cretin–noun: a stupid, foolish, or vulgar person.

On this night of revelry cretins began slipping into the alley and urinating.


Expanding our spiritual vocabulary- inutile

The word is inutile. Pronounced /in-YOO-til/. This word is an adjective and is defined as,

Of no use nor purpose

Used in a sentence: Mans volatile pride compels him to seek power, which is the most sought after yet inutile goal one can attempt to achieve.

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El primer día: ¡sabes más de lo que tu crees!

Es nuestro primer día de inglés. Quizás nunca has estudiado el inglés en tu vida. Quizás llevas años sin tocar un libro de inglés. ¡No te preocupes! 124 more words