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5-minute speaking activity: guilty pleasures

This is a great warm-up activity that introduces not only vocabulary, but also some humour in the classroom.

Show your group the picture and ask whether they have any guilty pleasures (be ready to offer some personal examples). 53 more words

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Vocabulary: Clothes in Turkish and Azeri (Azerbaijani)

Today’s blog post is about vocabulary again, this time the words for some items of clothing in Turkish and Azeri (Azerbaijani), two closely related Turkic languages. 19 more words

Japanese Verbs for Every Day Use (50 common verbs)

Verb (Eng.)  –  Japanese plain form (Hiragana)

to run  –  はしる
to walk  –  あるく
to swim  –  およぐ
to eat  –  たべる
to drink  –  のむ 126 more words


French vocabulary Summer holidays

The hot weather, now officially a heatwave, ‘une canicule’, arrived early in France this year. As ‘les juilletistes’, July holidaymakers, take to the beaches, the locals are already tanned and have been enjoying the warm weather for some time. 34 more words


Technology: Smartwatches linked to an increase in self-obsessed people

Can it really be true that smart technology makes us more self-obsessed? Well, according to a recent piece of research, the answer is yes!  If you want to learn more, then please access the information here.


world of words

prodigious- extraordinary, monstrous, marvelous in size, degree, extent, force.

suzerain- a  state that exercises political control over a dependent state.

vicissitudes- a change or alteration in the course of things. 357 more words