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Workout Diary - Day 1 MAP 3 Training (Maximum Aerobic Power)


Today’s workout followed the MAP format (Maximum Aerobic Power). This form of training is geared towards training your VO2 Max (which is the maximum amount of unimpeded aerobic effort your body can produce). 296 more words

Tabata Hill Sprints

Running is a great way to create cardiovascular endurance, but a poor way to build power. Most runners / trainers will tell you that if you want to build power, you’re eventually going to be running hills. 167 more words


How to Measure Your Fitness Level

Last week I attended the first ever Quantified Self Expo in San Francisco – which had a ton of interesting products and sessions on various topics covering areas of self-measurement. 33 more words


Pearls and Perils of High Altitude Training

It’s well known that Kenyan runners are having stupendous achievements but why?

Normally at high altitudes, oxygen levels deplete drastically, so when athlete return to sea level after a stint at elevation, their red blood cell mass and erythropoietin levels have elevated, which should make them stronger. 604 more words

Sports Medicine

Textbook graphs

Today I received the results of my VO2 max test on the bicycle. As every year, this slightly old-fashioned Institute for Sports Medicine just gave me a printout printed on a line printer. 191 more words

Four Ways To Maximise Your Summer Workouts

With summer now upon us, the media is full of images of bikini bodies and quick fix weight loss plans for those keen to get ‘beach ready’. 603 more words


A closer look at the aerobic capacity of Paula Radcliffe

As many of you probably know and maybe have seen at the London marathon a week ago, Paula Radcliffe had her farewell race. Her last “race” although she ran it with – what some of the media called – recreational runners. 1,185 more words