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Configure and manage a vSphere Replication infrastructure

Configure and manage a vSphere Replication infrastructure
Configure and manage vSphere Replication of virtual machines
Troubleshoot vSphere Replication

– here is a quick note about the configuration and one case (time) I faced. 616 more words


How to get the information about your hardware?

I had seen few admins nowadays find problem in getting hardware details of the environment.I found few powershell CLI commands are easy way to get the details.Then how about the admins without the knowledge of powershell. 101 more words

ESXi 5.5

VCP6-DCV: Study materials

This post summarises the study materials which I use for an exam preparation.


  1. An official information about the exam – https://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrReg/plan.cfm?plan=64178&ui=www_cert
  2. Some insights into the beta exams’ requirements…
  3. 32 more words

Using VMware's Standalone Remote Console for OS X with free ESXi

VMware recently released a Virtual Machine Remote Console (VMRC) application for OS X users. This application is designed to complement the browser-based console for vSphere users by providing a native application for launching a remote console session with a vSphere-hosted virtual machine. 369 more words

Mac OS X

VMwareの災害復旧(DR)に特化したクラウドサービス [ #cbajp ]

ニフティの「ニフティクラウド DRサービス with VMware vCloud Air Technology」は、VMware仮想サーバーの災害復旧(DR)に特化したクラウドサービスである。DRサイトとなるバックアップ環境を、ニフティクラウド上で提供する。DRのための要素技術としては、米VMwareのクラウドサービス「VMware vCloud Air」が備える災害復旧サービス「Disaster Recovery」を利用する。



柔軟なテクノロジーと企業文化こそ クラウドの時代には必要だ [ #cbajp ]




Adding a VMkernel Port to Each ESXi Host in Cluster

I wanted to add a vmkernel port for our new network storage network to our cluster of hosts.  Hosts were identical hardware and had a sequential IP scheme.   50 more words