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Why We All Need to Stop Talking about Miley Cyrus

Originally published on Girls’ Globe.

By now, everyone has seen – or heard so much about they might as well have seen – Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. 637 more words

Women's Rights

Recap & Winners List: MTV Movie Awards 2015

Amy Schumer hosted the awards last night and she was hilarious.  If you missed the cool, hip, edgy awards show (because it’s on MTV, duh!), you can get a… 155 more words


West Lets Beck Finish, Almost.

Kanye West’s mouth has ruined his art.

The first time I remember Kanye making news, not involving his work was 2005-ish. NBC aired a benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina relief. 1,435 more words

‘She was murdered’ – How Miley flawlessly executed Disney’s Hannah Montana

Whether you’re a huge twerking fan or despise the word so much that you’re now going to stop reading, shut down the internet and turn your computer off, Miley Cyrus is an absolute idol in the world of PR. 483 more words

Florence + The Machine have made a musical comeback

It has been almost 4 years since indie band, Florence + the Machine released their sophomore album, Ceremonials. Lead singer Florence Welch has kept herself busy collaborating with producer, Calvin Harris, on the pop hit… 190 more words

Blurred Lines and Double Standards

This post is a cross-post of an article that originally appeared on Recultured.com, a student-run, student-focused blog run by the Social Media Network at Simon Fraser University.

650 more words