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Too much vitamin A can cause microbial structures to become unable to activate immune cells

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology says that although vitamin A supplementation can have profound health benefits when someone is deficient, new evidence is emerging to show that vitamin A supplementation above and beyond normal levels may have negative health consequences. 163 more words


Fruits for Hydration

Opt for the list of juicy fruits and vegetables given below as these contain 90 to 95 % water. They fill you up without adding any extra kilos and provide you with various other health benefits. 506 more words

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How to cure dry eyes, by diet N:o 4

If you have very dry eyes resistant to treatment, it could be a sign of a lack of fat-soluble vitamines A and D. Vitamin A is an eye-vitamin, both for the good eyesight (the retina) and for an unbroken surface of the eye. 357 more words


Khasiat Lobak Ungu (Purple Carrot) Dalam Vivix

Salam Ceria,

Pembaca semua, selain Anggur Muscadine, Vivix juga mengandungi lobak ungu. Pernah lihat dan makan lobak ungu tak? Jika tak pernah dan belum berkesempatan, bolehlah ambil khasiat lobak ungu ini melalui… 194 more words


Suit Up for Summer

You guys, June 21st marks the Summer Solstice which means: 1. Summer has finally arrived and 2. it’s beach season! Can you believe it’s already six months passed all the forgotten New Year’s resolutions and halfway through the year? 167 more words

Jus Wortel

8 Mei 2012

Pelajaran IPA waktu itu ngebahas tentang lensa, mata, bagian-bagian kamera dan juga penyakit mata.

Bu Euis : “Untuk yang memakai kacamata, untuk menjaga kesehatan mata bisa dengan obat mata atau mengonsumsi sayur dan jus wortel karena banyak mengandung vitamin A.” 15 more words


Patience is a virtue

I jinxed myself. The Five Day Housing Battle that I previously wrote about has now become the Ongoing Housing Battle. Today marks the fourth day with no hot water, and officially the fifth day that I haven’t washed my hair. 910 more words