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Anna R

In the spirit of neo-impressionist, Pino Daeni (1939-2010).



One month till I leave this quaint little town I started appreciating too late. Why do we always never appreciate the things we have until they are gone? 36 more words


SOLUS–The Power Of Short And Simple

Never seen anything as poignant in such a minimalistic package.

From the creators:

SOLUS – A short story of loneliness, adventure, and self sacrifice.
Read our blog post about the creation of the film for more details!

Interesting Stuffs

My Trip Out West

it is what we did,
beatniks, hippies, hoboes,
chasing dreams no one could see


for art's sake 

Four of my favorite pictures I have ever doodled. These are all from the year I was living alone on the Lower East Side, all too content to be a hermit.


Amor Fati by Norwegian Poet, Andre Bjerke

You should arm yourself,
not like a Caesar with a raised sword
against the world, but with the words:
Amor Fati – love your fate. … 149 more words