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Finance and Technology - The need for basic statistics

If you do not understand statistics you can not successfully head a large department or knowledgeable employees. 

Though not a fact, it is my experience from a number of larger multinational companies.   183 more words


A rose for hard times

There’s a simple meditative technique we can use in hard times. I call it the Rose Meditation. You can do this anywhere: cleaning the house, ploughing through work, undergoing medical treatment, in a high-voltage meeting…. 130 more words

How to Release & Purify! Day 4 of the Wildly, Luscious Soulful Living Challenge.

Here we are…day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge.  

Today I awoke from some pretty vivid dreams of water, of pipes bursting, of throwing out old things stored in the flooded garage.   395 more words

Manifestation through 'Creative Visualization'

‘Creative visualization’ is a tool which lets you manifest your desires may it be small or big in this physical world.  Visualization is being used by many great people in this world since long and today with the growing knowledge of law of attraction, the power of thought and creative visualization, many people are manifesting their dreams into reality.  1,149 more words

Law Of Attraction

Best Free Tools for creating Social Media images

Social media is all about visuals. Even if you have good content without good visuals, it might just get lost in the pool of content. So you need to bring out the content with help of awesome visuals. 281 more words

Social Media

Healing 29th March 2015 in the SOC chat room

Feet on the floor

Ask for the healing ray to be sent to you.

As you breath in the light and let the thoughts in and out taking no notice of them. 1,140 more words

Subtractive Visualization

Most visualization involves the addition and morphing of imagery. Here we look at something different, when visualization is used to subtract imagery.

The Stoics, early Roman philosophers who focused closely on what causes suffering (like the Buddhists) used negative visualization to live more calm and simple lives. 332 more words