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Come with me to Therapy

I’ve tried this once before.
Authorization gave me 6.
The process I didn’t adore.

It was weird. I’m in that chair.
Twice a waste of time. 246 more words


Bipartite network linking Institute names and research programs

Bipartite network connect entities of different types. Given below is a Bipartite network showing the  linkages between the Institute names and research program names with which Katy Bormer is  ssociated. 48 more words


Co-occurrence network of authors and their co-authors

Co-Occurrence Networks are un-directed networks that make connection between the entities of the same type.

Given below is a co- occurrence network of Katy and her co-authors. 83 more words



Eyes closing..
faded to dark.. towards my inner sanctuary.

Upon this transient marbled floor; awake and aware, my alternate form.

Pale indigo air breathes into me, my softened gossamer skin.. 137 more words


Think My Way Out Of Depression Day 17

I’m not sure what to write tonight. I’m preparing for an evening out but maybe I can leave you with this:

“Faith is the head chemist of the mind. 174 more words

NASA video shows how massive amounts of dust travel from the Sahara to the Amazon

How much dust blows across the Sahara Desert?

It sounds like a philosophical musing or the start of an old proverb. But it’s a question that now has a precise answer, thanks to data collected from 2007 to 2013 by  100 more words

Toys to Develop Your Little Girl's Leadership Skills

One of the key areas educational toys occasionally overlook is building leadership skills in young girls. Many times toys that emphasize building, engineering, and taking up roles of leadership are primarily geared toward boys. 440 more words

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