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Morning thoughts on Visualisation

So many of us will be familiar with the saying,

 A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

which roughly translates as i…

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I don't eat anything green.

I got into the studio to shoot a little idea that I’d had for a while now. It was pretty simple really, but it all came about after reading something about Kurt Cobain and not eating anything green… A fairly literal visual I thought.


Centre Yourself : Aura Meditation


Are you feeling frustrated, tense and scattered? The ‘Centre Yourself’ meditation uses guided imagery to teach mindfulness techniques designed to help you find your calm inner centre again. 24 more words


Daydreaming with a purpose

“Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose”
– Bo Bennett

A lot of goal setting programs, if not all of them, talk about visualization as a pivotal technique to achieve your goals.

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Digital Nomads

In April 2012 my husband Jon and I departed Australia for a 6-month sabbatical in Spain. Jon was able to continue working his business because it internet based. 480 more words


Canva, again

CANVA ist wirklich erwachsen geworden und die neue kostenlose Design School macht es allen, die nicht Gestaltung studieren, sehr viel leichter, sehen zu lernen.