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Your First SharePoint 2013 and Visual Studio 2012 Development Tip - the Old 32-Bit Process Error

Here’s your first development tip as you start cranking out SharePoint 2013 solutions using Visual Studio 2012. An old an really annoying problem in Visual Studio 2010 when building SharePoint apps is that it defaulted to creating x86 applications. 157 more words

Journey to ASP .NET MVC 5

When I first worked as web developer after graduation, I used to think what I knew about web development was already enough. However, as I learned more from friends and colleagues, I realized how difficult the field is, even though in… 2,268 more words


Doing it elegantly

There are plenty of programming languages out there and they all allow endless possibility in how to write a piece of code.
Very often things can be done in two ways: the… 204 more words


Packaging A SharePoint 2010 Custom Claims Provider in a Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Project

For those of you who have been developing solutions for SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio 2010, you may have noticed a slight packaging peculiarity when it comes to custom claims providers. 729 more words

Intellisense for Properties on ASP.NET Custom Server Controls

NOTE: The solution described below is only necessary if your web page and custom control are in the same project.

I had this really not fun time this week blowing a couple of hours on something that should have been zero impact so I thought I’d share here. 179 more words

Xamarin forms : intellisense in Visual studio


Xamrin.Forms is a fantastic library, it helps improve productivity, especially when used with Visual Studio.

If you start using it with your visual studio, you may get frustrated when writing your xaml pages, because there is… 223 more words


Create a Windows app in less that 1 Hour with no Programming knowledge!

So you want to create an app that you can put on your windows phone/Laptop but you don’t know any programming languages, well you’ve come to the right place. 516 more words