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Could not write output file the directory name is invalid

While creating and deploying SharePoint Apps if you get error like this

Go to Temp folder location of Asp.net files and delete all the files from that folder and try to rebuild the solution. 10 more words


Applying LINQ

I was studying C# and I found it very interesting. Next you will see what I learned in chapter 24 from “Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming”. 179 more words


ATDD + Visual Studio Comunity 2013 para entornos Web


Aquí espero explicar claramente los pasos para poder utilizar la técnica de ATDD con Visual Studio .Net .

ATDD es desarrollo guiado por pruebas de aceptación , las mismas que se basan en los criterios de aceptación redactados en las historias de usuario. 312 more words


Windows Universal Apps: "The page name does not have an associated type in namespace, Parameter name: pageToken"

When building Universal Windows Apps, and using Prism to compose the application, you would have changed your App.xaml.cs class to something like this:

public sealed partial class App : MvvmAppBase
        #region Private fields

        private readonly IUnityContainer container;


        #region Constructors

        public App()
            container = new UnityContainer();


        #region Overrides of MvvmAppBase class

        protected override Task OnLaunchApplicationAsync(LaunchActivatedEventArgs args)
            NavigationService.Navigate("Main", null);
            return Task.FromResult<object>(null);


        #region Unity Container methods

        protected override Task OnInitializeAsync(IActivatedEventArgs args)
            ViewModelLocationProvider.SetDefaultViewModelFactory((viewModelType) => container.Resolve(viewModelType));
            return base.OnInitializeAsync(args);

… 64 more words
Visual Studio 2013

The unknown beauty of shared projects in .NETGeert van Horrik


Shared Projects

Shared Projects are a new feature of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2. It was initially created to support universal apps apps for both Windows Phone RT and Windows RT, and that’s what most people know about it.

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Receiving Webhooks With IIS Express

One of the projects I’m currently working on is using a service that reports various events back to our system via webhooks. Since the features I’m working on aren’t ready for deployment yet I was looking for a decent way to test the integration in my development environment to ensure that I’m not only receiving the correct data but also that I’m handling it properly. 755 more words

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