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Windows 8.1 - The project's structure

Regardless of the template you use, there are some files and folders that are essential for a Windows Store app and included in every project. Let’s look at the most important ones. 837 more words

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Windows 8.1 - Pages, XAML, and code behind

Windows Store apps abandon the old window-paradigm to use a new window based on pages, which are organized in a hierarchical way. After launching the app, the user lands on the main page; from there, he can move to the other pages, which contain different and specific content. 194 more words

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The Essential Concepts: Visual Studio, XAML, and C#

The developer license
When you create your first Universal Windows app, Visual Studio will request your Microsoft Account credentials: the purpose of this step is to acquire a developer license, which will be used to generate the temporary certificate needed to test the apps on your machine. 663 more words

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.NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio 2013

With a lot of people talking about the Internet of Things, there is renewed interest in the .NET Micro Framework (NETMF). The current version, SDK v4.3 (QFE2- RTM), can amongst others be used in combination with Visual Studio 2013 to develop applications for very small target systems. 628 more words

Getting Started

Grunt installation in Visual Studio project (with the help of WebStorm)


I have a new pet project in my mind (which I’ ll maybe talk in a later post). With this project I want to extend my experience in C# and web technologies and especially in AngularJs that I really like and I would like to have more knowledge. 980 more words


Claims solution chapter 3 and 4. Client for Solution

Configuring the Claims Service

In order to work with Services we need the ABC of the Services.

  • A is Address (where is the service)
  • B is Binding (channel to expose the service)
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maxJsonLength property

I was working on a asp:DataGrid table , where in every cell there is an asp:Textbox for immediate editing (think to a sort of Excel). 309 more words