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The right game for the right time part 4: Adventure Games

Remember our journey to find the right game for the right time? Let’s resume our quest with part 4. This time we will talk about Adventure games, a game category that is very varied, and can easily be taken for RPG games. 581 more words

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World End Economica Episode 1 : A Damn Cool Visual Novel With Lot's of Headache

Being fan of novel (and visual novel) is the reason I am interested in reading World End Economica (WEE). The creator is Spicy Tails , the same creator who made one of my favourite anime (and light novel), … 468 more words


Let's Play [Orfleurs] #3

It’s a new day, and that means we’re starting our Exclusive Maid Training! As you can see, the first day we’re stuck with Glasses. You go to wake him up in the morning, but it seems like he’s already been awake. 1,250 more words


XBlaze Code: Embryo [Demo] Review

Occurring in the same world as Blazblue- XBlaze Code: Embryo occurs many years (Oh say about 150 years) before Blazblue. Being a Blazeblue fan I had to check out the Demo of this game to see what it was about. 763 more words



In this episode, we watch the end of the epic saga that started two years ago with Code: Embryo. The amnesic “watashi” (who is totally not Nine from Blazblue) explores another dimmension in search for her “imouto” (who is totally not Celica from Blazblue). 13 more words


Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete


One year after the release of Flyable Heart, Unison Shift: Blossom released a spin-off starring the most popular heroine, Shirasagi Mayuri. Unlike its predecessor, Kiminago is more of a romantic drama, focusing on Mayuri’s relationship with Shou, and their struggle to have her family approve it, considering how their backgrounds are radically different. 1,236 more words


"Hello, World."


Set in a near-future setting, robots are employed in most fields, automated cars can be found everywhere, and humanity’s dependence towards technology has drastically increased. 1,340 more words