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Lanai campaign aims to draw day visitors as island economy struggles

Lanai businesses say they’ve been struggling for years, eight to be exact.

The Lanai Chamber of Commerce, which represents almost all the businesses on the island, says 2007 was the last good year for the island’s economy with $110.5 million in visitor spending. 353 more words


Special Visitor

Today we had a visitor.  Immediate work stoppage.  Six weeks old and the mother stopped feeding.  Gaynor to the rescue and ‘Teddy’ has a home.  Special feeding to keep him going and he is doing well. 6 more words



My sister was in hospital, having undergone serious surgery lasting several hours.  She had been through enough. So did she deserve a tedious visit from her brother and me? 723 more words


Welcome Night Time Visitor

It was late, around 11.30pm and I should have been in bed a long time before this. Luckily I was not and was actually attempting to instruct a winter blow fly out of the house using the old “follow the light” trick. 115 more words


June in Review

July 1st. Our first day of “real” summer. Thanks, Stacy at Revisions of Grandeur, for sending it our way! It only took 3 days to get here. 213 more words

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THank Y'all so much !

Omg ! guys today I reached 22 views, 22 visitors , and 2 likes . I have never had that in a day and I’m just so grateful to whoever visited , and my followers and likers . 56 more words