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Everything is Incredible!

In the village of Siguatepeque, Honduras, lives a man named Augustin. Before the government gave free vaccinations to the children of the country, polio struck Augustin. 757 more words

Have You Ever Wondered About The Afterlife?

When a person dies, there is always the obvious question of the afterlife.

Most people spend their lives contemplating this idea, formulating opinions and arguing incoherently until the day they find out for themselves. 2,259 more words

My Conservatoire

My conservatoire     (click on this hyper link to the left(which says “My conservatoire”   to open the pdf file to read  )

This was submitted to me by email from Debra Holland.  135 more words

Glimpses Of Heaven



Chasing childhood secrets
and visions passing by,
whispered dreams
and roller coaster rides,
from dawn til dusk
down life’s way
and along her paths, 18 more words


The people who genuinely believe they are already dead

Photographs by Eunice Adorno for Matter

This terrifying disorder turns people into zombies, into living, breathing ghosts; they believe they died, or never existed. And somewhere in their brains may be the key to human consciousness. 503 more words


Follow Your Intuition No Matter What

by Carol Morgan  

We all have these two distinct sides of ourselves that often compete with each other.

For example, I have two distinct sides to me: (1) the extremely logical side, and (2) the emotional/intuitive one (note that I didn’t say “extremely” on the latter). 435 more words


Hacking the Brain

Álvaro Domínguez

How we might make ourselves smarter in the future


The perfectibility of the human mind is a theme that has captured our imagination for centuries— 544 more words