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The 15 year old helping thousands of children to see

FastCoExist highlights the work of a 15 year old CEO who leads the non-profit Vision for and from Children which has helped over 20,000 children with visual impairments across the globe.

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A Part of My Overseas Mama Journey - Jenni's Story

The Big 5

We’re already ending month two of the year. How are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions? I didn’t really have any this year, yet the words “Big 5” came to mind as I was praying about the months to come. 389 more words

Vision Boards, Practice, Discipline & Designing My First Logo!

“The only thing worse than being blind is having vision but no sight.” Helen Keller

In January 2013, I returned from a Women’s Yoga teacher training course in Mexico. 1,371 more words

Arabic Calligraphy

The ability to see possible solutions to everyday problems in life

Most of us have the knack of seeing problems, but very few of us are willing to look for solutions instead of getting bogged down in the details of what is going wrong. 482 more words

It is well

I want to believe that everything will be okay. Yet as I write this I feel a growing dichotomy in my chest – maybe it is a false one – between a desire for everything to be simple and what God has shown me. 482 more words


Are You Busy Or Progressing?

When you set out to do something, do you have a goal in mind?  Do you take time to think about what you are trying to accomplish through the activity?   163 more words

Personal Growth

Definite right or wrong

I have been studying Ethics lately and gobsmacked that ethics need to be taught. However, the more I delve in, the more I realise that there are many ways where interpretation can be the single most common cause of mis-communication. 458 more words