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Your Blog Needs Proofreading

I really just HAVE to take a moment out of my day, away from any of the topics I have been meaning to write about here, to wonder at the horrible grammar that permeates the internet. 292 more words


Leadership - Managing the Paparazzi

Gravitate to or avoid the media?

One aspect of leadership that many struggle with is being in the limelight and that it never turns off.  Having people focus on what you say, what you do, what you wear, how you comb your hair; any and every little aspect of your being is show-cased for all to see.  391 more words



The perfect emblem for visibility as experienced in the E-Lit work is a picture calendar, such as one with a nature scene…

The beauty of picture calenders is that words don’t need to be spoken in order to convey a mood or thought — simply a picture juxtaposed to the current month is enough to suggest theme, the “smell” of the air, the scenery relative to the current season, etc. 37 more words



This might be a bit a nerdy, but an analogy that shoots to mind is the artwork on the booster packs of trading cards — specifically those found on the Pokemon trading card booster packs. 319 more words



A graphic element that substantially helps the E-Lit work, “The Sweet Old Etcetera,” to express Calvino’s visibility is: Rhythm and Balance. Lupton says, “In design, balance acts as a catalyst form — it anchors and activates elements in space… Rhythm is a strong, regular, repeated pattern: the beating of drums, the patter of rain, the falling of footsteps” (30). 175 more words


Visibility Emblem

Determining an emblem for visibility was difficult for me, possibly because I was trying to use the principles of visibility to determine it! The closest I could come was the idea of watching the image of a puzzle come together without the stress of trying to find and match the appropriate pieces. 112 more words


Visibility Analogy

Visualizing in general is like reading a book and envisioning it as a movie (or reading the book after having seen the movie) and/or watching a movie and envisioning how it would read as a book (or watching the movie after having read the book). 43 more words