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Ambient pressure the final map

The project is coming to an end. Now the main area of work consists of polishing the implemented features and artefacts in our game Ambient pressure. 385 more words

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This past year has been a big revelation for me. I have grown so, so much! From being the girl who has done almost nothing for herself to becoming the woman that is shaping her own life. 323 more words

Ambient pressure, the flare gun

This week I have mostly been working on adjusting all the sounds that I have made during this course. Much time was spent on adjusting the sound for the Flare gun audio. 391 more words

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Ambient pressure voice logs

This week I have been working on developing a radio voice for our game Ambient pressure. The voice supports the narrative and gives the player a quick tutorial of what the goal is. 410 more words

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The sound of suffocation

This week I have been working on developing the sound for power ups and state artifacts for our game. The one I will describe today is the state-sound for when the avatar lacks of oxygen. 431 more words

Campus Gotland

Suggestive pile of sound from the eighties

This week I have been working on developing a lot of different sounds for our game: Ambient pressure. The audio I am expected to compose is the one for: The monster fish, repellent power up, guiding arrow power up, a common sound for when all power ups are picked up and last but not least the menu music. 386 more words

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Medieval week on Gotland 2015 "check"

Hard to guess what me and my mother booked this weekend? Right?

Another spot on our travel-list is the medieval week on Gotland this year. I so long for that event. 141 more words