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Benjamin Franklin Was a Nerd

I go back and forth on whether the topic of virtue is worth a public airing. After all, much of it is obvious, it’s not new in and of itself, and it’s too easy to slip into glib, preachy generalizations. 1,026 more words

Blogs for Excellence

Given some of my recent posts on productivity and excellence (see the PIE category for some examples), where I outline habits and log my progress in my project to become the best version of myself, I have received questions concerning what I think the best websites for productivity are. 509 more words


Love vs Lust ... hmmmmmmm

As soon as your son is emotionally ready you should teach him the difference between love and lust. With this knowledge he can avoid years of unnecessary financial burdens, devastating heartbreaks and long-term dysfunctional relationships. 423 more words


A 3-step Guide to Living a Life with Virtue - Part 1

I attended a seminar at Stanford recently, and attented two lectures on the neuroscience of being happy and the practice of being happy.  I learned quite a bit, and would like to share it here. 528 more words