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Sinners Can Become Saints: St. Augustine

Pope Saint John Paul II used to say, “Do not be afraid.”

After hearing about various sins, you may be feeling nervous, wondering why no one ever told you. 407 more words


I have had a pretty busy and tiring few months or years! So an enforced day of doing very little is much needed. However I have been Mindful for some time now that little and often is more beneficial. 161 more words


Virtue Ripening Into Character

Father Geiermann defines virtue and shows how it ripens into good character:

“Virtue is a habit of doing moral good. A natural habit is acquired by repeated acts, but a supernatural virtue is infused by the grace of God. 333 more words


The Virtue of the Sparrow

Everyman has thought of death,
be young or old or wise.

Each person wondered of the day
in which he dies.

Though all have pondered, none have known, 146 more words

How to live a good life

by being a wise person, a judge, a monk and a knight all in one.

Do you know how to live your life? Do you know what is good? 527 more words


A Bold and Fearless Season

“A woman who has a BOLD and FEARLESS moral character is a rarity.”

Being defeated is not something that anyone likes to feel. But I have this fear of being defeated and I think I go through life willing myself not to.

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