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Android for virtual reality headsets?

Interesting story here about Google hiring a team to build a version of Android for VR headsets. I sort of hope that it isn’t true. I struggle to like Android with it’s somewhat messy integration of Java and C/C++ via the native interface. 28 more words

Virtual Reality

Fove Eye Tracking VR Headset - Hands On!

This week at GDC, virtual reality was on the forefront of everyone’s minds as SVVR and SFVR veterans took to the Expo floor and companies large and small began showcasing their forays into the VR and AR space. 511 more words

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Report: Android OS coming to virtual reality headsets

Google has reportedly hired a team to build a version of the Android operating system for virtual reality headsets, the Wall Street Journal reports. 240 more words

Three To Upset Your Stomach (2015)

1. Bad food.
2. Virus.
3. Virtual Reality.
To surmise-
Via eyes.


Google reportedly working on Android-based virtual reality platform

Google is planning to jump into the virtual reality software game in a big way, the Wall Street Journal said toady. The company is said to have “tens of engineers” working on a new project to build a VR platform based on the Android operating system.  239 more words


Lets get immersed in immersion!

What is immersion?

(Figure 1,   http://www.popmatters.com/review/140431-the-art-of-immersion-by-frank-rose/)

The Merriam-Webster dictionary  says that immersion is the “complete involvement in some activity or interest.”  Jamie Madigan the author of the blog The Pyschology of Vidoe Games says that immersion is that  “Media contents are perceived as ‘real’ in the sense that media users experience a sensation of being spatially located in the mediated environment.”  Going off these definitions of immersion, we can start to map out what immersion really is, it is the deep mental involvement in an activity or media outlet.   331 more words


Mobile VR: The future's so bright...

I had a great time up at GDC (the annual Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco yesterday. Two things are clear: virtual reality is finally arriving, and it’s future’s so bright, we’ll soon all be wearing shades: 542 more words