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Mers virus: Concern growing in South Korea

BBC News 29 May 2015

Concern is growing in South Korea over the spread of the Mers virus after a man defied quarantine to travel to China. 104 more words


Treating HIV early leads to better health and less transmission

The Conversation Bridget Haire 28 May 2015

Starting HIV treatment early, before immune damage occurs, brings real clinical benefits, a new study has shown.
The START (Strategic Timing of antiRetroviral Treatment) clinical trial was recently terminated ahead of schedule because the trial results provided conclusive evidence of the extra benefits of beginning antiretroviral therapy early. 10 more words


Cold sore virus 'treats skin cancer'

BBC Health News Michelle Roberts 26 May 2015

A genetically engineered version of a virus that normally causes cold sores shows real promise for treating skin cancer, say researchers. 57 more words

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Ebola virus: Scientists discover key protein needed to develop vaccine

ABC News 27 May 2015

US researchers believe they may have pinpointed the Achilles heel of the Ebola virus, which could hold the key to developing an effective preventative vaccine, a study has reported. 42 more words


Why you need one vaccine for measles and many for the flu

(Cell Press 21 May 2015) While the influenza virus mutates constantly and requires a yearly shot that offers a certain percentage of protection, old reliable measles needs only a two-dose vaccine during childhood for lifelong immunity. 48 more words


UGA study pinpoints the likeliest rodent sources of future human infectious diseases

(University of Georgia 20 May 2015) Researchers have developed a way to predict which species of rodents are likeliest to be sources of new disease outbreaks in humans. 33 more words