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What shall we do for our Sister (part 2): wall or door?

Songs of Solomon taught me that there might be at least two kinds of girls – the walls and the doors.

If you’re a wall as a single lady, it’s going to be difficult for any man to gain access to your inner treasure. 722 more words

To be, or not to be....Question of the century.


Sensitive subject to some, and not a big deal to others.

I was a virgin until I was 21 years old. That seems like a lifetime to some, or barely enough to others. 879 more words

Keep Moving Forward: The Scarlet 'V'.

Dear Puny Humans:

This is a long one today kittens, and if you can’t handle reading, take a hike.

I am on a journey of self-love . 1,356 more words

Keep Moving Forward

Petyr Baelish

THE GUY: Petyr and I began dating in my junior year of high school. He was one year older than me, 6’5, and probably a 150 pounds soaking wet. 461 more words


My Virginity Story(Rated R) & (Part II)

When I start to kiss him I climb back on top of him and I can feel his thing growing bigger and hotter against my skin. 577 more words

My Virginity Story(Rated R)

I saw James on Saturday at my graduation. I was walking out to go meet my family, but he was there alone. So, I went over towards him. 331 more words