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The truth is, I had intended to abandon Reheated Coffee. Last fall, I started working on my application for MFA programs in creative nonfiction, which absorbed much of my writing time, but also started me writing more things that I thought I could never post on here. 551 more words

Growing Up

Cozy Time 

Fair warning, this post is a little racy so read at your discretion. My boyfriend, Devan, and I have been dating since January. He took my virginity the he asked me to be his girlfriend and we’ve been doing it ever since. 400 more words

In Defense of the Blessed Mother's Virginity

     Every Sunday at Mass, when we recite the Nicene Creed, we profess our belief that Jesus “was born of the virgin Mary.”[1] This profession of our Lady’s virginity expresses the ancient belief of our Church, dating back to the early second century and universally held by the 4th century, that the Mother of God was a perpetual virgin, that is to say she remained a virgin for her entire life. 1,145 more words


The Sexless Seven

What’s a single 30-ish gal on an indefinite dating hiatus to do on a fine Friday night in the springtime? Why, get all gussied up in her best dress and head on over to Arby’s for dinner with a bunch of equally ridiculously attired girlfriends, of course! 252 more words


Lets get down and dirty.

Time for some real talk. No fashion, no style, just talk about life.

and more importantly: sex. 386 more words


Confessions of a Virgin part 1

Sitting in a national clean park for the first time, surrounded by green fresh trees, yellow flowers and a healthy lawn. Couples from left to right engaged in that lovey dovey relationship romance nonsense.. 926 more words