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Would Martin Luther Be Celebrating Marriage Today?

In light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision on same sex marriage, I’ve asked myself a lot of questions. Like how did we get here? I don’t think we arrived in the land of Sodom overnight. 1,540 more words


Lose Your Virginity

In the spirit of embarrassing moments that haunt our minds forever – those which we keep secret from the world surrounding us – check out the following entry sent to me from an anonymous blogger. 404 more words


The Virginity Myth

Virginity used to be a scary concept to me. I always would freak out about what my first time would be like, or if I would ever have sex with another person. 1,651 more words


2236. Your Heart Says This About Men — Part V

Editor’s Note: Viewed from my end, you ladies are not very involved with this series. But I post it to complete the series and make way for tomorrow’s subject about the superior gender. 341 more words

Dear Daughter


Swaying hips, seducing steps
Playing games
I am your queen
You are my king
Shuffled together
Front to back
I can feel your desire

Your heat swelling… 98 more words


sometimes it's okay to tell someone to go fuck themselves

if someone is being a huge dick, but a really huge dick, it’s okay to tell them to fuck off and leave you alone. if someone manipulates you, takes your virginity, uses you sexually and then breaks up with you through someone else, it’s more than fine to hate them and call them the most hideous names you can think of, instead of taking all the blame on yourself and sucking their ass so they’d hang out with you because you’re so desperate to have friends. 31 more words

Yes, Virginity, there is a Johnson.

I lived with a friend who happened to be male my last year of college.  At the time, I was 23 and ambitious pursuing two degrees.   605 more words