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No. 1

I very rarely consider my sexuality. It’s something I don’t think about, I don’t question it. I don’t deem it necessary to define it, to reduce it to a single title. 925 more words


The “Virginity” Talk

My cousin came to me and exposed the hickey on her neck. As if that wasn’t traumatizing enough she told me she’s contemplating having sex with her boyfriend. 853 more words


How I lost my virginity

I decided to spice up what I’ve already started on this blog. I’m writing right now to tell you about how I lost my virginity, since it’s the most erotic/embarrassing/awkward moment of my life. 373 more words

7 Disappointing Things About Losing Your Virginity Not Everyone Will Tell You

Have you ever seen a movie or a television show where a girl loses her virginity and she makes it seem like it was fantastic? There was no pain and she was happy. 346 more words


She still remembers her virginity very well but her virginity has long forgotten her. She treasures so much her memories of it but it’s already deleted those memories from its recycle bin.