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Great Blue Lobelia

Lobelia siphilitica

It is a late summer treat to see great blue lobelia in full bloom, often alongside the fabulously red cardinal flower. Sometimes called “blue cardinal flower”, great blue lobelia resembles red cardinal flower, ( 239 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Purple-flowering Raspberry

Rubus odoratus

On an August hike to Wind Rock in the Jefferson National Forest, I found an odd shrub with very large, maple-shaped leaves and bold, reddish-purple flowers. 237 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Virginia Waterleaf

Hydrophyllum virginianum

You will find Virginia Waterleaf blooming in rich woods during the early summer months.  Notice the mottled or “water-stained” appearance of the 3 to 7-lobed… 179 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Canada Mayflower

Maianthemum canadense

Although Canada Mayflower is considered a northern species, it can be found growing  in Virginia in the higher elevations of the the Appalachian Mountains.   241 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Smooth Phlox

Phlox glabberrima

Here’s a showy “hot pink” wildflower that is coming into bloom in May. In contrast to other phlox species, the stem of Smooth Phlox is not hairy, hence the name “smooth”.   255 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Yellow Clintonia or Blue-bead Lily

Clintonia borealis  

Here’s a beautiful mountain wildflower that I’ve found growing in sheltered places beneath the rocky slopes of Bald Knob on Salt Pond Mountain.  The leaves of Yellow Clintonia (or Blue-bead Lily) somewhat resemble robust orchid leaves; they are 6 to 10-inches long, elliptical, and shiny.  220 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Wild Stonecrop

Woodland or Wild Stonecrop
Sedum ternatum

Wild stonecrop is a native sedum that prefers shaded woodlands. It is a mat-forming succulent with rounded leaves arranged in a whorled pattern. 56 more words

Virginia Wildflowers