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Pink Lady's Slipper

or Moccasin Flower
Cypripedium acaule

One of the showiest orchids in our local forest, the pink lady’s slipper appears between May and July. Before it flowers, you may notice the leaves lying quietly on the forest floor: there are two of them, and  parallel veins are evident on close inspection. 146 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Fire Pink

Silene virginica is Fire Pink

Hot stuff! Five long, radiant, red petals adorn this flower. Each petal has a cute little notch at the end. The petals lead down to a long tube that holds the pistil and stamens. 182 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Canada Violet

Viola canadensis

Canada Violet goes by many names, but you may be most comfortable calling it White Violet, or Tall White Violet, because those are its most conspicuous field marks.   332 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Robin's Plantain

Erigeron pulchellus

For me, this early-flowering beauty was first found in April, at my friend’s country house in Shawsville, Virginia.  More recently, I found it in Wildwood Park in Radford, growing right next to… 307 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Hoary Puccoon

Stoneseed or Hoary Puccoon
Lithospermum canescens

If it were not for the unusually vibrant, orange to yellow color of these flowers, you would probably miss this little plant completely while walking in the great outdoors. 255 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Showy Orchis

Galearis spectabilis is the Showy Orchis!

This orchid miraculously appears on the forest floor in April and May in Virginia.  It likes limey soils like we have here in Montgomery County, and it is often found on the edges of swampy terrain.   178 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Shooting Stars

Dodecatheon meadia

My five Shooting Star plants are blooming this week, which means you’ll probably start finding them in Southwest Virginia in the weeks ahead. This perennial plant is made up of a rosette of oblong leaves, each about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. 100 more words

Virginia Wildflowers