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Just a Virgin

I wake up for my usual middle of the night pee. almost seconds after i open my eyes i see Benjamin walking out. I pretend to be sleeping so hopefully she goes back to sleep and i can pee. 914 more words


uBeam's wireless charging technology could be coming to Virgin Air, Starwood Hotels

Starbucks, Virgin Air and Starwood Hotels are some of the major names that are reportedly in conversation with uBeam, the ultrasound-based wireless power source that could free us all from the tyranny of that ONE FREAKING OUTLET right in the center of the coffee shop. 269 more words


416 NUMBERS FOR SALE Kijiji Scam www.kijiji.ca thestar.com www.kijijisucks.com

416 numbers for sale by kijiji SCAM SELLERS!  Buyers Beware! They are kijiji criminals that want to scam you throuout the city. In and out og the GTA area! 26 more words


I Am No Longer A Virgin...

I think everyone can remember their first time, regardless of how it may have ended, our first one always tends to hold fond memories for us. 1,111 more words


Rain holds off for runners and spectators at the 35th London Marathon

Despite a forecast to the contrary, the rain held off today for the biggest London Marathon in the event’s history.

Organisers reported that over 38,000 competitors took part in the event. 829 more words


I Think Disney Ruined My Love Life!

Obviously, I’m joking…well…sort of!

I think the old school Disney animated movies gave me some expectations that are hard to find in a guy. That’s not to say that those types of guys, Prince Charming (Cinderella) or Aladdin or Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty), don’t exist at all, just that some of their very basic characteristics are just very difficult to come by now. 590 more words


Bullshit compulsory for marathon runners

For all marathon runners it is now compulsory to come up with some bullshit reason as to why they are so much better than everyone else.  130 more words