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The Dark Side of the Internet

March is always quite a month for me. It’s the end of the half of the year I usually consider the “most lonely” or at least where I usually get the most depressed. 1,684 more words

The Positivity In Popularity

A guest post from reader Shifty Fox.

Good ol’ Black Rock City. Home sweet home, am I right? I stand in awe at how much it has grown over the years. 2,356 more words


losing my cherry

He told me to leave my apartment unlocked and wait for him in the bedroom. It seemed like hours since he texted that he was on his way. 619 more words



This year was going to be awesome.  I was finally a senior, entering the last lap in the hellhole of high school. Things were off to a great start for a change.   3,418 more words

Surviving Burning Man: First Timer's Guide

Hengehold Trucks has created this infographic. Some parts are more “graphic” than “info”, such as the vehicle passes graph. First timers might find it useful.

Source: Hengehold Trucks


Who hath wounds without cause?

People have been asking me why I’m depressed. I could list out all of the reason, but that would take awhile…I will try anyway.

When I was 6 years-old I was molested repeatedly by my “best friend”. 343 more words

A Year In My Life.

The Way To Christ- Of True Repentance

A Man must bring a serious Mind to this Work. He must come before God with sincere Earnestness, deep Humility, and hearty Sorrow for his Sins, and with a deliberate and firm… 246 more words