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So yesterday i took a prepaid phone i haven’t had active since December outside and was updating something on it. Then i received a text… … 51 more words

The Nexus 6 To Get WiFi Calling on T-Mobile


WiFi calling may be coming to the Google Nexus 6…at least on the T-Mobile system. According to gigaom.com, they hope to have the exclusive feature ready to go by the end of March. 162 more words

Battery Life With My Slider

The extended battery is doing its thing! Nearly 48hrs and the battery is just now edging down to 10%. Most of it as you can see is mainly cell standby though the music player on Friday did get a good workout with 2-3hr continuous playback coupled with some extravagant texting on my part. 156 more words

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LG Optimus Slider!

Ahhh, my very first smartphone–new again! Yes, I’m still rocking my Montage but I just couldn’t resist buying my first and favorite smartphone I’ve ever owned: the LG Optimus Slider on Virgin Mobile. 396 more words

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Dos Aifones

Armando seemed sketchy, but I didn’t really care. I’d gone into his store to buy a new case for my iPhone. For twenty-thousand pesos, I got his “last one.” There was no receipt. 284 more words

New Samsung Montage Basic Phone

Been trying to escape Google’s clutches permanently for sometime. My problem is that decent basic or feature phones have fallen out of fashion and the offerings that are available are crappy, butt-911-dialing pieces of plastic. 520 more words

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