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"Under the Dome": Shocking Documentary on Chinese Pollution

This documentary was posted just a few weeks ago. The creator was fully aware of the consequences and censorship in China. However, this documentary became viral in China, with over 150 million views. 526 more words


That Awkward Moment When You see a professor's Nude Picture via a Tumblr page

The title says it all. Fortunately, I didn’t know the professor personally. That would have been hella awkward. Remember, if you are prone to sending nudes to your (potential) sex friends, make sure to not send a full frontal and/or, don’t piss your (potential) sex friend off. 17 more words


The World's Most Famous Llamas: No Longer Legal?

Next to that absurdly frustrating dress-of-uncertain-coloration, there was nothing more sensationally famous for a few days than a pair of poor llamas in Arizona. Their escape and subsequent escapades monopolized news coverage for entirely too long, and video and images of the deviant duo were a viral sensation for the better part of a week. 197 more words


Week 8

This week in lab we did another HTML assignment on the website weebly that we are using to create our websites for the end of the semester. 248 more words