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Guest Post: Making Your Content Go Viral- Reach Millions by John Kelly

I would  like to welcome John Kelly to NAG. He is here to share a few ideas about how content can–and usually does–go viral. Please note this is no magic bullet or one-size-fits-all, foolproof thing. 581 more words

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Super-Viral: #TheDress and the Magical Internet

If you tuned into any media yesterday — TV, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr — you probably heard the polarizing controversy of #TheDress. I know, I know; you heard enough about it yesterday, of friends and families divided over whether… 232 more words

Pop Culture

Why ‘The Dress’ proves that more than Kim Kardashian can break the Internet.

I RT’d @JessaBahr’s RT earlier today when I realized how true the statement really was. The viral happening of ‘The Dress’ really is one of the greatest shared human experiences we have had in a while. 424 more words

Social Media

20 Ways to Find Out What's Trending on the Web Right Now

Whether you have five minutes of downtime to watch what’s hot, or you are looking to learn more about what (content) gets shared the most, here are some of the best… 382 more words

Building Brand Buzz

Going back to the basics = VIRAL

I read an article today about 8 social media mistakes that people make that can potentially kill their brand. And one of the mistakes that stood out the most was “spreading yourself too thin.” Many brands in an attempt to promote their product or service take on too many social networks that in the end don’t reach anyone. 475 more words

Public Relations

"Have you seen the new video everyone is sharing?"

In school. In the lunch room. At work. When you have dinner with your friends. Today we talk more than ever about viral content we have seen on different social networks. 499 more words

Buzzfeed’s Imaan Sheikh & Rape Culture

A few years ago, I dated someone who got a lot of attention for his loud views on women’s rights, gay rights and child abuse. He also frequently said things like ‘faggotty shit’ and ‘Don’t be such a vagina’ and ‘stop PMSing all over the place’. 467 more words

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