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Reaction to Berger’s STEPPS Framework for Virality

In his book Contagious, Jonah Berger discusses his theory on how and why certain content goes viral.  Berger starts by generally discussing why things such as products, ideas, and behaviors catch on.  1,516 more words

Emerging Media

Why High-Tech Has Compromised Reading Comprehension

There is this tendency for users to outdo all other users by simply getting to the information ahead of all the others. So much so that speed-reading accessed information becomes the emphasis more than the act of properly digesting read information. 662 more words


Media Literacy News Reel: March 17th

BodyWork: The Social Construction of Women’s Body Image

  • This book looks like a great resource for both a summary of important body image research and the impact of women’s magazines on body image.
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Volvo unveils ultra-reflective spray paint

Volvo has designed a new ultra-reflective spray paint in a bid to make road cycling safer.

The Swedish car manufacturer collaborated with Grey London and Albedo100 to create LifePaint, a washable formula that lasts for 10 days and is completely invisible until light hits it, at which point it glows bright white. 110 more words


Guest Post: Making Your Content Go Viral- Reach Millions by John Kelly

I would  like to welcome John Kelly to NAG. He is here to share a few ideas about how content can–and usually does–go viral. Please note this is no magic bullet or one-size-fits-all, foolproof thing. 581 more words

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Super-Viral: #TheDress and the Magical Internet

If you tuned into any media yesterday — TV, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr — you probably heard the polarizing controversy of #TheDress. I know, I know; you heard enough about it yesterday, of friends and families divided over whether… 232 more words

Pop Culture

Why ‘The Dress’ proves that more than Kim Kardashian can break the Internet.

I RT’d @JessaBahr’s RT earlier today when I realized how true the statement really was. The viral happening of ‘The Dress’ really is one of the greatest shared human experiences we have had in a while. 424 more words

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