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Here is BuzzFeed's first pitch deck to investors in 2008

In 2008, BuzzFeed had just five employees working in an office in New York City’s Chinatown district, and its website was attracting just 700,000 unique visitors a month. 255 more words

Creating Viral Content with NitrosEdge

A niche based blog optimized for traffic should be the central hub of your online business. You can use automated blogs to build a mailing list and drive… 82 more words

Facebook Marketing

43 Tips for Creating Viral Content Campaigns by Kelsey Libert

In the past, most of us have made an educated guess at “How To Create Viral Content” and the “Best Practices for Getting Press.” But, what’s better than an educated guess? 79 more words


Viral Marketing Initiatives: 6 Steps to Make Your Video Go Viral

Did you know that YouTube has more than 100 billion users localized in 75 countries and available in 61 languages? I’m amazed at the amount of time we spend watching videos online.  509 more words

Social Media

Reaction to Berger’s STEPPS Framework for Virality

In his book Contagious, Jonah Berger discusses his theory on how and why certain content goes viral.  Berger starts by generally discussing why things such as products, ideas, and behaviors catch on.  1,516 more words

Emerging Media

Why High-Tech Has Compromised Reading Comprehension

There is this tendency for users to outdo all other users by simply getting to the information ahead of all the others. So much so that speed-reading accessed information becomes the emphasis more than the act of properly digesting read information. 662 more words


Media Literacy News Reel: March 17th

BodyWork: The Social Construction of Women’s Body Image

  • This book looks like a great resource for both a summary of important body image research and the impact of women’s magazines on body image.
  • 193 more words