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The Dark Hearts

My heart has always belonged to the night.

As a youngster, there was always a draw to be found for me in the villains of a given piece, that I didn’t fully appreciate the breadth of until I grew. 1,390 more words

Mental Health

Satisfying the Need for the Death of a Villain

Sometimes, the villain needs to live.

Whether that be for a sequel, or for the tone of your story, it’s not always the best choice to just kill off the opposition. 646 more words


Observations through a Cat's POV


#1 I’ve had my fair share of dc and marvel films and almost every single one of the heroes’ biggest flaw is their incapability to fend themselves from the guilt tripping of the villains.

Bloxels lets anyone design video games with no programming knowledge needed

Who hasn’t been playing a video game and thought, “this is great, but I could’ve made it better.” Well now you can make it better with… 147 more words

New Product

Villains: Love them or leave them?

By P.A.Thompson

These are notes from a seminar I attended given by Steven White.

Do you need a villain? No, you need a protagonist, a goal, and an obstacle. 387 more words

Writing A Novel

World History's Biggest Heroes and Villains

As per a new study, Einstein, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Newton, Jesus, Mandela, Edison, Lincoln and the Buddha all make up the top 10 heroes in world history. 111 more words


Memo - popping candy - (when i brought aforementioned sweets to the office)

Villains 4 U Memorandum

To        Dark Lord Hammerfist, Arora Shigo

From   Kamiya Akutenshi

Ref      bad line

Date    12 July 2006

Once again I am pleased to inform you of our advancements, we have once again found sponsorship.  338 more words