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Setter's 'Spectives: Why 'Whiplash' Didn't Strike Me as Great

I love a good movie villain. Almost everyone does. He or she can help make a film.

Whiplash has one, played near-psychotically by J.K. Simmons. It’s a fine performance, nasty and sadistic, a portrayal of a vicious jazz instructor at a prestigious music conservatory. 210 more words


Welcome to the TGE Universe

As the title says, welcome to the TGE Universe, a universe similar to our own, but with the addition of super powered humans.  This universe is going to be constantly under construct, and for a short description of what this universe is, check out the about page on this blog. 501 more words

Alternate Universe

Day 37: Book Review # 1 - Steelheart

Here we are, my first book review! I’ll do this at least once every two weeks, but maybe it’ll be once a week, if I end up reading fast. 726 more words

Weekly Challenge

Top 10 Most Wanted Disney Villains

The antagonist in a Disney film is more often than not a very, very bad person.  Calling Disney villains bad people isn’t news to anyone, in fact, it is their sole purpose to be bad.  849 more words

Super Dungeon Bros, Featuring Cross Platform Multiplayer... Bros B4 Foes!

In Super Dungeon Bros, a band of four mighty bros raid the endless dungeons of Rökheim, a giant scar of godforsaken earth, where wars are waged in underground crypts built by the gods themselves. 212 more words


DC Comics Legends, Mysterious Mobile Game In Development

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the company’s slate of upcoming mobile game releases, showcasing diverse free-to-play and premium gaming experiences and leveraging some of the world’s most powerful franchises. 188 more words