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Scourging the crime in dark alleys
riding down sharp valleys
striking hard blows to stark realities
indulging myself in theatricalities
know that i am not a mere dilettante… 106 more words


Between Grief and Guilt

“The line between grief and guilt is a thin one.  Sometimes death is preferable to the agony of life.” ~Tatsu

True.  This quote speaks to many different stages all at once and we have to be careful to recognize what she is really saying here.   183 more words


Black Hood #1 (Archie/Dark Circle)

Rating: 5/5 – Moody Noir Fiction Kicks Off Archie Comics Dark Circle Line.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Alamo.

The Black Hood is the first series that Archie Comics is relaunching as part of their Dark Circle Comics imprint, itself a relaunch of their Red Circle Comics imprint. 675 more words


Ke!th: The Story of a Hero #4

Note: This story is directly related to this one.


Keith felt the punch to his ribs but chose to ignore it. He side stepped the next punch, grabbed the man’s arm and pulled it past him as hard as he could while moving swiftly forward with his knee raised and connecting with his opponents ribs.  952 more words

Creative Writing

Chapter 19: Modern Villain Part II: A Modern Hero Interlude

Smith sits up in his hospital bed, the pain in his face is less, but the fear he feels in his heart is what shot him out of bed. 558 more words

Modern Hero

Adrenaline: Gold Rush

The sting of the cold wind slaps against my face as I hit terminal velocity (it is a big long complicated equation but believe me when I say it is 120 mph) is when I feel the most alive. 2,172 more words


The Hanged Girl - Ten

Susan found she couldn’t let the mystery go. As a journalist she was successful here, a big fish in a small pond who often yearned for bigger seas and to take her career further. 786 more words