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Ho Chi Minh/Saigon

After our debacle with the fish bags, we avoided the cheap-as-chips mini vans and opted for a more comfortable bus to take us to the infamous Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, as it’s still locally known. 440 more words

South China Sea: "Chinese government has nothing to hide from the international community" -- "But nobody is invited to visit."

CBS News

As China continues to reclaim land in the South China Sea, the government is not allowing any reporters to see the islands, but CBS News correspondent Seth Doane got as close as any westerner might. 1,245 more words

Halfway to fairy land

Der nachrbus schmeißt uns um vier Uhr morgens vor einem hostel im Phnom nha nationalpark raus,glücklicherweise das in dem wir eine Nacht umsonst bekommen. Wir checken ein und nutzen das um noch ein paar Stunden in einem 30 Mann dorm zu Ratzen. 400 more words


Things I didn’t know, vol. infinity

–During World War I, “26.4 per cent of the 557,000 Scots who served lost their lives, against a rate of 11.8 per cent for the rest of the British army.” I don’t think this was just because of geographically based units, because those were from England and Wales as well. 119 more words


Prayers For My Brother

My brother, who had been there to protect and watch over me all my life had suddenly gone off to war.  We prayed daily that God would bring him home safely.  334 more words


After a short bus ride from Phong Nha we arrived in Dong Hoi.  Next we bought bus tickets to Dong Ha which is the closet city to the DMZ.  509 more words