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The Living and the Dead Have Stories to Tell

Having now read Tim O’Brian’s novel The Things They Carried and watched the Stanley Kubrick film Full Metal Jacket, I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to decide with what direction to pave this particular assignment. 1,961 more words

Current Affairs

On the success of farming fish in Vietnam, Roger Cohen, NYT

My favorite comment regarding the piece below on the success of farming fish in Vietnam. Numerous commenters insult the Vietnames health standards, and low wages as dangerous to us. 168 more words



Why must shit always happen early in the morning?

Was sleeping so soundly i bed.

Suddenly i heard the door handle turned. (Am a light sleeper especially when traveling. 98 more words

Travel Stories

Day 3: Vinh to Lak Sao (Laos)

Distance: 130kms

Total: 430kms

Weather: misty and then a beautiful clear evening in Laos.

A good friend of ours, Pete Jordan, said yesterday that we’ve already collected enough anecdotes to write a book, albeit small. 847 more words

Talking Story

Talking Story: One Woman’s Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual and Healing Traditions is the new book from author-filmmaker Marie-Rose Phan Le. She also produced a companion documentary. 76 more words


EXO in Vietnam

À í mà, dù không có cuồng nhiệt nữa nhưng mà “Anh nhớ em nhiều” dễ thương quá ~

Cre: @utubeuser|kenh14


Why Indonesia should take a leading role in ASEAN

By Pattharapong Rattanasevee, Burapha University

ASEAN would benefit from stronger leadership. But Indonesia, the country best placed to take up that role, appears unwilling.

Indonesia could be the leader that ASEAN needs, but it intentionally refrains from asserting its influence over the association. 797 more words