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Best Dances for Exercise

There are many ways to get and stay in shape, and dancing is definitely one of them. It’s a fun and effective workout as it enhances posture and toning, and burns off any extra calories. 332 more words

Ballroom Dances

The Technicolor Dreams Of Black And White People

Being a new month, Friday night class has been switched out, and now we are working on International Rumba. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on Rumba, or any International Latin or American Rhythm dances that are not Pasodoble for that matter. 1,892 more words


It’s A Party As Long As You’re There

It is now officially confirmed: Sir Steven is going to put together a showcase performance that Sparkledancer and I can do, and we are definitely doing Pasodoble. 2,211 more words


Existential Carousel

The Hustle class that I am going to on Fridays continues to be fun. In the couple of weeks it’s been held so far this month, It’s been a weird mix of people who sort-of know what they’re what they are doing, people who should know what they are doing but are struggling with things, a few people who have no idea what’s going on, and several people who comment about how the movements we are going through are so different from the movements they learned for Hustle back in the 1970s. 2,021 more words


Throwback Thursday - The Tour is Upon Us!

Brace yourselves, Strictly fans! *Gets overexcited like a labrador puppy* *calms herself down* The Strictly Tour is almost upon us. Tonight the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour cast will be appearing on the One Show, and we’ll be tweeting along from 7pm and with a chat from 8pm. 123 more words

Strictly Come Dancing

Walking Like Each Other's Ghosts Around These Silent Streets

This being New Year’s Day and all (again, I’m putting this up on a holiday. I must either be crazy, or I enjoy this way more than I let on…), I suppose it’s only fitting to spend a moment reflecting on how the last year in dance has gone. 2,087 more words