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That Child

Dear friends,

I recently read something online… It was an open letter from someone who functions without any judgement, in total allowance.

Remember the definition of consciousness? 176 more words

By Dr Dain Heer

Stay weird, stay different

After the Oscars this year, someone sent me a video they thought I should watch… It was the speech by writer Graham Moore who won for he best adapted screenplay, the Imitation Game. 209 more words

By Dr Dain Heer

Are You Willing to Rock the Boat?

How big are you willing to be with your family? 

How uncomfortable are you willing to make them by going beyond all the roles you’ve been given and bought as true? 155 more words

By Dr Dain Heer

What if your outer circumstances no longer had control?

What if you could bring YOU with you wherever you go? Even when you find yourself out of your element, in un-chartered territory? Like with family! 87 more words

By Dr Dain Heer

Committing to Your Life in the New Year

Ok, it is 2015!

Here is the thing; I don’t have any suggested New Years resolutions for you. In fact, I would say any resolution so easily becomes the start of a new cycle of judgment of…you. 78 more words

By Dr Dain Heer

What Do You Know for Sure?

For fourteen years Oprah ran a column in O Magazine called “What I Know For Sure.” 

It’s an interesting question.  In truth, the longer I have played with Access tools, the more I have found that almost everything I thought was true and real throughout my life was actually a lie or a construct.   255 more words

By Dr Dain Heer

Is it time to detox from this reality?

Have you noticed that you, or people around you, recently have been having more physical ailments and diseases than in a long time? Or that old issues with their bodies are coming back? 76 more words

By Dr Dain Heer