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Palestinian Justice Attorney game concept (1st Edition)

In the format of a Capcom videogame, I intend to convey support for the Palestinian cause; Capcom’s Visual Novel series of Ace Attorney would serve as an inspiration for me brainstorming the gameplay of such an idea; My protagonist is to be a Palestinian character but I’ve yet to draw them and come up with a character name.


Japan's Sales Charts: Reality vs. Spin

For the past couple weeks, GamesIndustry.biz, a respected industry publication with millions of unique monthly visitors, has claimed that the Playstation Vita is outselling the New 3DS XL in Japan, using… 451 more words


20 years with the Tales series!

Happy 20th anniversary Tales series, here a nice mash up video made by Bandai Namco!

Are you a fan? Please lemme know which one is your favourite game or character and remember to follow BandaiNamco for more info!  45 more words


Female Protagonists: Are They an Issue or Do We Make Them One?

Female protagonists, encouraged by self-proclaimed progressives, but kept the straggler by the majority who hold the pervasive comfort of playing as the generic male beefcake. In this article I will explore the possible reasons why there aren’t many female protagonists, why people do and don’t want them, and their importance. 1,579 more words

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III VS. IV - The Presage (3/29/2015)

So he survived getting shot, but it changed him. Made him a darker person; which was reasonable right ? Being attacked in any form is a life changing experience. 1,188 more words


Today I Die

So once upon a time I was on YouTube watching away a lot of my life (as I am prone to do), and I started watching some gaming related videos by… 265 more words

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